It's a cozy place

It's a cozy place

Almost everyone has done it as a kid. There's a good chance you have too! Everyone built themselves a cozy cabin out of improvised tools. Tent, teepee, tipi, tent, tree house, hut, cave... Call it whatever you want this cozy place that all children dream of. There you can hide away, get away from the hustle and bustle of home and be in blissful seclusion. Many still believe that buying a trendy teepee for the baby, they are buying another toy. But this is not entirely true! Let's understand the subtleties of this issue and determine why this attribute is necessary.   

In the Montessori world, integral tools are everything that helps the harmonious development of the child, allows them to grow self-sufficient, gives positive emotions and serves as an incentive to independence without coercion. And we, the specialists of Yoko Tower, tell you with confidence that the teepee is among these attributes! Yes, you heard right. Children's tepee, tent or tipi is not just another trend that has been gaining popularity for years. It is a special secluded, sacred space of the baby, his personal closed play area, where he can be alone.

Inside the teepee is always quiet, calm and safe. It is this atmosphere of security that babies often need, it gives them a sense of psychological comfort. Secluded in his tent, he can show his individuality, give free rein to fantasy and dream, or just read a book or draw, perhaps something to mold or assemble another masterpiece from the constructor. In the tepee you can just lie down and rest or plunge into sleep during the day. And you can use the tepee in active games. Believe me, your child will come up with a million ways how and what to do in his own cozy place.  

Frankly speaking, the teepee has absolutely no disadvantages, but only on the contrary helps the child to grow in harmony. He will feel self-confidence and will be more independent, since he already has his own small dwelling. The baby will learn to make decisions, because he will be able to independently decide where to put the teepee, how to decorate it and what to place inside, as well as independently change the interior. The child will become more responsible, because he will have to learn to maintain in his cozy place cleanliness and order. And most importantly - to your baby will come to realize that he is the owner of his own small dwelling, his territory. This is what will help the child more correctly and quickly form the concept of personal space, will teach him to respect both his own and someone else's. Children who from childhood know and have a good sense of boundaries, will grow up self-sufficient, attentive to the feelings of others and will never allow themselves to be manipulated!

Now everyone knows that a teepee is not just a toy and your baby definitely needs one. Do you agree? Then in the next article we will tell you how to choose the perfect Lodge.

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