You are clearly in search of quality wooden furniture for children, since the search led you to the site Yoko Tower! We are confident that in our range you will definitely find exactly what you are looking for for the right design of the children's room. We know how perfect and reliable Montessorri style wooden furniture should be! And to make it easier for you to make a decision, let's tell you a little bit about ourselves!

Who we are?

Yoko Tower was founded just recently in 2021, but in this short time it has already managed to win the hearts of parents who care passionately about the comfort of their children. Our production is focused exclusively on children's furniture and low-profile designs for children's rooms. Everything we create is handcrafted from quality materials with immense love and care for kids. YokoTower furniture is always easy to assemble and easy to clean, it makes your kids happy and your home cozy and safe!

We are inspired by the ideas of the early development philosophy of the legendary Maria Montessori and believe that the environment in a child's room directly influences the formation of personality from birth. Everything that surrounds your baby helps them develop abilities and identify talents. Believe us, our low-profile furniture and wooden products really encourage babies to learn about the world around them, explore new things and think for themselves!

What does the Yoko Tower mean?

At first, we had an idea and a great desire to create a children's furniture construction that would be the main assistant of her child on the way to self-development. There was a need for a product that allows kids to do almost everything without direct parental intervention! So began a long process of designing and studying the nuances, the choice of environmentally friendly materials that are not harmful to children, then the first trials of creation and complex robot over the adjustment and improvement of the model. As a result, our original innovative and multifunctional Learning Tower was born, which quickly attracted the attention of other parents. It really fulfilled its purpose, which could not but please us, so we quickly decided to mass-produce such Montessori towers so that other children could learn about the world with joy and benefit.     

The question of a brand name that would 100% be able to convey the deep meaning of the purpose of our furniture was raised. And one evening we came across an article about avant-garde artist, singer and art worker Yoko Ono (everyone knows that she is John Lennon's wife, right?). And her name sounded so beautiful and melodious that I wanted to know its designation. As it turned out, this name has a deep meaning in Japanese culture and traditions, and translates to "beautiful child", "child of the ocean and the sun". In Japan, Yoko is considered a symbol of beauty and purity, as well as a symbol of peace and harmony. It seemed to us that this is exactly what we were looking for and the name sounded - Yoko Tower. The second word appeared, as you have already realized, thanks to our first product.

Nuances of production

Yoko Tower furniture is made exclusively by hand! It has proper balance and tilt resistance, there are no sharp corners, decorative glass inserts or any elements that could be traumatizing. All surfaces are meticulously sanded. Children feel confident in our constructions, there is no stiffness, only freedom of movement.

We work only with quality certified natural birch plywood and wood. We do not use toxic paint materials (certificate EN71) As for textiles, we prefer certified natural fabrics, and for padding we use hypoallergenic breathable polyester pressed fiber.

You can be sure of environmental friendliness and safety! We can be trusted because Our child is one of the first to test Yoko Tower products!

Yoko Tower grows and develops together with your children. We try to constantly replenish our assortment and at the moment on our site more than 50 positions of products of our production. You will be able to choose almost all the necessary furniture from a Montessori-style children's closet to a bed to create and fill a unique Montessori-room. All designs are made in natural or neutral colors, with interesting author's design.

Quality, practicality, functionality, beauty, convenience, versatility and individuality - this is an accurate description of the qualities of Yoko Tower furniture! Our main goal is to create a comfortable environment for children through furniture, in which they will strengthen their own inner potential.

We are always open to dialog with our dear customers! If you have any questions, advice or suggestions, we are always ready and happy to help you! 

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