A minimum of books

A minimum of books

Sometimes people ask us why Yoko Tower bookcases are so small, because there are a lot of children's books in the house and you want them all to fit in the Library. But to expose the child to the review of a lot of literature at once can not. This is one of the common mistakes that parents make. Children are usually frightened by so many books, because they can not decide which book to choose. So how to properly fill the children's library? Today we will deal with this question!

We have already discussed how important it is to instill in a child a love of reading. And we know well that it is better if in the children's room will be allocated a special cozy place, the Corner of reading , where the baby can fully plunge into the world of books. To equip, as we remember, it is quite simple, but to properly select literature, you will have to work hard.

The most important thing you should never forget is that at Libreria Montessoriana a lot of books should not be exhibited! For children up to 3 years old, about six books are enough, for 5-year-olds you can already put a dozen. The older your kid, the more literature can be put on the shelf. Remember, books should be attractive to kids! Bright and colorful palette, with beautiful illustration content. Different themes are a must. For the youngest readers, choose two books with fairy tales by age, and let the rest be developmental. For example, puzzle books, books with coloring or stickers. For children from 5 years old you can already pick up more fairy tales and add the alphabet, encyclopedias of interest. Show your imagination, it will depend on how broad will be the horizons of your baby. And at the age of 10 years the child himself will already be able to tell you what books to add to his personal library.

So, why is it right to display a minimum of books at Libreria Montessoriana by TokoTower?

Firstly, a large number of books on the shelf will not attract the attention of the child, but on the contrary will scare him away. Secondly, children, especially the youngest, will not be able to decide on the choice of books, because at a young age it is always difficult for them to choose an item from a large number. And thirdly, the literature on Libreria Montessoriana should be updated every 2 weeks at least. Books that have been read should be put away in a closed cupboard, so that they do not distract the child and give him the opportunity to focus on the new ones that appear on the shelf. Everything is very logical, do you agree?

The reading corner in the children's room should not resemble the Central Library, filled with a huge variety of books. It is important for you to create a comfortable environment for your baby to relax while reading. Try to do everything according to our recommendations and you will quickly see the first results

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