Reading Corner

Reading Corner

Having just one small piece of furniture in a baby's room will help you instill a love of reading in your little one. It should be in the most prominent place in the nursery. And that piece of furniture is the Bookcase. This indispensable element of the reading nook is a guarantee that you are raising an intellectual child. After all, it is through reading that the child accumulates knowledge beyond the natural boundaries of infant cognition.

The book is one of the main sources of knowledge. It is directly responsible for the development of children's beautiful language, memory and thinking, imagination and fantasy. Books encourage them to be creative. If you want your child to grow up intellectually developed, then you will have to make a little effort to instill in him a love of reading from early childhood. This is by no means difficult! Set a personal example for your child - read to him yourself and with him. Start with fairy tales from a very young age. Choose for his personal library the most colorful books with interesting content and illustrations. Allow your child to choose a book to read that night. Soon you will see how books will become an integral part of his life and his love of reading will grow over the years.

So what do we need to implement this plan? First, you should create a Reading Corner in your child's room. It should be a cozy place, where there is enough bright light, there is a comfortable chair where the child together with you will feel comfortable in immersing himself in reading. In addition, there should be enough interesting literature, from which the child could independently choose a book. And since everything in the child's room should definitely have its place, you cannot do without a bookcase.

The YokoTower bookcase is ideal for a child's room and will fit perfectly into any interior. It has a fairly simple design, which is based on the Montessori method. The shelving unit is very stable and of an acceptable height, so that the child can reach and organize his books independently. There is a small version for young reading enthusiasts and a slightly larger version for older children. There are 4 wide shelves on the tower, which are also equipped with an edge, which prevents books from falling off. All Yoko tower bookshelves are made of eco-friendly materials, perfectly sanded and not coated with anything.

Cultivating a love of books is the dream of many parents. And if you are one of them, then go ahead and do it! Your child will love it. Let him have his own personal library. Create a cozy reading space for him, fill it with everything he needs, and start reading your first book together today

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