Rainbow Cushion Pink photo - buy in the «YokoTower» online store
Rainbow Cushion Pink photo - buy in the «YokoTower» online store
Rainbow Cushion Pink photo - buy in the «YokoTower» online store
Rainbow Cushion Pink photo - buy in the «YokoTower» online store
Rainbow Cushion Pink photo - buy in the «YokoTower» online store
Rainbow Cushion Pink photo - buy in the «YokoTower» online store

Pink Rainbow Shaped Pillow

It will add novelty to the interior of the children's room, create a cozy soulful atmosphere and give your baby a great mood. Our Cuscino decorativo Arcobaleno is not only a beautiful decoration, but also an element of megacomfort. It is so comfortable to sit and sleep on, and how many fun games can be invented with the rainbow cushion. It is a pleasure for your children, because they are crazy about small cushions! 




A child's room is a reflection of his inner world

Rainbow Cushion Pink

Which means that creating the design of the nursery, you a priori make a huge contribution to the formation of his stable psyche, emotional health and mental harmony. The room should be cozy and safe, then it will reign happiness. You are obliged to make every effort to make the room radiate fun, where it is full of children's smiles and cheerful laughter. 

And what in the children's room, in addition to comfortable furniture, toys and books, gives children positive emotions in tactile contact? That's right, it is soft airy textiles and cute decor elements! And if it is combined together? Then you get Cuscino decorativo Arcobaleno - a bright accent and visual decoration, textile decor from YokoTower, which will add sophistication and personality to the room! 

The rainbow represents peace, harmony and the beauty of life. It is a symbol of joy and good mood, which is exactly what all children need.  Rainbow pillows YokoTower will definitely not leave anyone indifferent, because their softness and attractive appearance cause delight in children. 

The main advantage of Cuscino decorativo Arcobaleno is safety for the child!

It is sewn from natural fabric, stuffed with hypoallergenic filler, easy to clean and wash, dries quickly. Our pillow is characterized by impeccable tailoring. It is completely handmade! 

YokoTower rainbow pillow has a modern, unusual and cute design. It is very functional, because your baby can sleep on it, put it under his back while reading, just sit on it or make it a companion in his fun games and adventures. 

Our rainbow pillow is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also comfortable to use. It will create the right environment for both relaxation and activity for your child!


  • Height 30 cm
  • Depth 8 cm
  • Length 45 cm

    Exterior: pure cotton certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

    Padding: a hypoallergenic polyester fiber, pressed, but at the same time soft, which allows your product to be breathable and to dry very quickly.

    Please note that the screen or light during the photo may alter the reality. So expect that the shade of color you see in the photo may be slightly different from what you will see in person.

    Product Details

    Height, cm
    Length, cm
    Weight, kg
    STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified pure cotton
    Shipment, hours
    Delivery in Italy, working days
    Delivery in EU, working days

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