Black November

We have great news for you. Starting from November 1st, we are excited to announce a "Black November" promotion!

This means that during this month, you can purchase our legendary Learning Tower at an incredible discount!

If you don't already own a MONTESSORI TOWER, don't miss out on this opportunity in November and take advantage of our unbeatable offer. We are offering a 20% discount on the purchase of the Montessori Tower. The promotion includes only the colored towers! Both the adjustable and the 3in1 convertible towers, each with a chalkboard for creativity, are included. Hurry and place your order!

LEARNING TOWERS come in a wide range of colors. Yellow, pink, blue, lilac, mint, gray, and of course, white. Which one do you prefer? We are confident that you will surely find one that your child will love and that will integrate perfectly into your home's decor.

Don't worry if you already own a MONTESSORI TOWER; you can still take advantage of the discount and purchase our legendary tower for relatives and friends. Especially since Christmas is approaching, and the Learning Tower can be a great gift under the tree. Don't hesitate, start preparing now while the November discount from YOKO TOWER is still valid!

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