Your wishes are our realization

Your wishes are our realization

We know how many people have been waiting for this day! With great joy and pride we announce the second novelty of this year - children's textile products from Yoko Tower! Yes, we have launched our own line of bedding, mattress pads, soft mats, and other fabric products. We tried very hard to make everything top notch and we succeeded! Like all our products, Yoko Tower children's textiles are as safe as possible for babies. The products have excellent quality and perfect tailoring, excellent color solutions, unobtrusive prints and easy care. Yoko Tower textile products are available to order now! 

Perhaps no one would argue with the fact that the choice of quality textiles for a child's room is very important! Especially if we are talking, for example, about buying bedding, because it is an important component of a comfortable and healthy sleep of the baby. Sumarno, textiles and other fabric products play an important role, because they create a special coziness in the children's room, give it individuality and uniqueness, provide favorable conditions for the formation and development of good emotional well-being of the child. 

Creating a line of textile products Yoko Tower, we tried to bring it to perfection! Selecting quality fabrics and delicate colors, working on sketches, choosing the right size, perfect design...we took into account all the subtleties and came to the conclusion that success will be crowned by products made exclusively of natural materials, with impeccable tailoring and easy care, minimalist design and print in pastel shades. This is exactly what we have created for Yoko Tower textile products!

Natural materials - a guarantee of good health of the baby!

Natural fabrics are environmentally friendly, safe for babies and their delicate skin. Such textiles do not accumulate static charge, have good air exchange and are very hygroscopic, unlike synthetic fabrics. These qualities and properties of materials are very important for the baby's body, which is in the process of formation. Textile products made of one hundred percent cotton have a long service life, and their surface structure causes pleasant tactile sensations in children.

Natural fabric is an excellent and best choice for children's bedding and other interior textiles. A room where natural fabrics prevail even breathes easier - it's a fact!

Quality fabric and tailoring are the key to success

Do you always pay attention to the quality of fabric and tailoring? Or are you driven by the beautiful visualization created by bright fabrics and prints? Choose textiles for children's room should be very scrupulous - carefully inspect the products, so as not to allow the presence of rough and crooked seams, rough texture of the fabric, oblique cut. All this is very harmful to the delicate sensitive baby skin. Also important and the process of coloring, which was subjected to fabric. Good non-toxic dyes do not cause allergies or irritation and redness. High-quality dyed material will not lose its brightness after several washings and will retain an attractive appearance for a long time. 

Children's textiles should be high-class, soft, cozy and comfortable! That is why we choose only proven and reliable fabrics for our products. It is always one hundred percent cotton, which is certified for children's products and is ideal for our purposes. It is hypoallergenic, pleasant to the touch, perfectly absorbs moisture, breathes and has no static effect. For filling soft pillows, mattresses and mats we use hypoallergenic holofiber, which is absolutely safe for children and is not harmful to their health. 

We believe that warm sunny colors or pastel shades should be preferred. Ideally, the products should be monotonous, but if you really want to make accents with textiles, you can choose basic prints and unobtrusive patterns. Decor, in the form of embroidery, ruffles and other things, should be absent, if we are talking about bed linen! Therefore, in the range of Yoko Tower you will not find models of dark and shouting colors, with complex geometry and intrusive patterns. Only delicate pastel colors and discreet prints!

Easy care makes everyday life easier for moms

No one will be surprised if we say that the appearance of children in the family is a source of additional hassle. After all, the children's room should be constantly kept in order and cleanliness. And sometimes it can be very difficult, because launder bedding, pillows, rugs, curtains from paint, for example, or from markers or spilled juice will have to almost every day.  Therefore, children's textile products must be made of natural fabrics, because they are well and easily washed, quickly dry, do not require long and exhausting ironing. Yoko Tower products are as easy to care for as possible, moms will love it!

Textile products Yoko Tower you will be very pleased with their quality and beauty. Hurry up and go to the "Textiles" section and place your first order! 

We try to make your children happy and your home - cozy and comfortable!

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