Why do parents choose wigwams from Yoko Tower?

Why do parents choose wigwams from Yoko Tower?

We are not going to write too long an ode to our Tenda Wigwam. Those who have already purchased them for their children have experienced first-hand that they are unique! If you are currently looking for the right wigwam for your child, we will tell you just a few facts about our wigwams that make them so popular. 


Yoko Tower's Tende Wigwam is made exclusively by hand from our exclusive drawings. And if you think a wigwam is just a few sticks stapled together at the top and covered with fabric, you are mistaken! The drawings of this simple, uncomplicated design have been worked hard to provide children with complete comfort, and the product itself - stability and protection from spontaneous folding during active games.  

Style and variety

Our Tenda Wigwam looks spectacular and has a modern design, so it fits easily into any interior. Yoko Tower Wigwams come in a large palette of pastel colors and can be a bright accent in your kids' room. The Lodge also comes with flags and feathers for additional decoration. We made them removable on purpose to give kids the opportunity to decorate and customize the Tenda Wigwam to suit their interests too. 

Eco-friendly and safe

The wigwam is made exclusively from quality natural materials. It has a very sturdy wooden frame with an additional stabilizer that holds the structure stationary. The tent itself is made of 100% cotton, and the mattress is filled with hypoallergenic polyester pressed fiber, thanks to which our product breathes and dries quickly after washing. Inside the tepee children are not hot, because the natural fabric provides good air circulation, and an additional window in the tent gives enough light. Our houses are not treated with any chemicals and are as safe as possible for children!

Compact, lightweight and easy to assemble

The Tende Wigwam is practically weightless. It is 150cm high and 110cm deep and wide. It is quite compact, but still very spacious and comfortable. Our tepee is easy to assemble and disassemble, which gives you the opportunity to take it with you on vacations in the country and on trips. 

Practical and durable

Our children's teepees are made of good fabrics, and the frame is made of strong wood, so it is quite difficult for a child to break and tear them. This guarantees longevity of use, as well as easy cleaning and washing of all components.

Yoko Tower is always the right choice! Our furniture is not only the embodiment of beauty, style and sophistication in your home, it also helps your children to grow up in comfort, coziness and harmony.

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