Well, home is the safest place for every little one

Well, home is the safest place for every little one

Do you know which Yoko Tower product has been the most popular lately? It's the Wigwam Tent ! Only in the last month of the previous year they sold about 100 pieces, and since the beginning of this year - the popularity is only growing! You may be surprised now, but we knew it was going to be a no-celebrity when we first drew up the blueprints for it. After all, it is so obvious, the Lodge is the dream of all children and the best gift for them. They just love these little houses and we know exactly what the secret of their overwhelming popularity is! 

Do not enter without knocking!

Wigwam Tent is your child's own little home. There he plays, reads, draws, watches cartoons, relaxes or simply hides from the daily hustle and bustle. Yes, you heard right, kids just like adults need their own private place where you can be alone with your thoughts in silence! They are very much in need of a quiet cozy little house where they will not be disturbed! 

In their own personal teepee, the child organizes their own life.  He makes decisions about where to set it up, how to decorate it and what to put inside. Take it seriously!  He is the owner of this home, so it is forbidden for parents to clean it, change something in the interior and break in without knocking. Allowing your children such a small thing, you will help them quickly learn to maintain their cozy place cleanliness and order, to show responsibility for their personal belongings, as well as to form the concept of personal boundaries and space. 

A fabulous world where imagination runs wild!

Children have a very vigorous imagination, they believe in miracles, imagine themselves as cartoon characters, invent their own scenarios of events and get strong positive emotions from it. That is why they perceive such an ordinary element as a Lodge not only as an ordinary house, but also as a fairy-tale place where their imagination comes alive, full of riddles and unsolved mysteries. Children are ready to play and play for hours, and are eager to equip their Lodge to give it the purpose it needs. They can easily disguise it as a pirate's treasure cache or a haunted castle. In a matter of minutes, the tepee can become a tower where an evil witch has locked up a princess. Or it could be a little kingdom where a girl who grows magical flowers lives a long time ago! You think it's unrealistic? Your children can do everything, because their imagination has no limits! 

It is always with me!

The mobility of our Teepee is maximum! The child can literally never part with his favorite house. It's a big toy that you can always take with you. It's lightweight, so it can be easily moved around the room and even outside. Take the teepee with you on vacation, on trips to the countryside and in the country. The design of the tepee is easy to assemble that even a child can cope with this task. And in disassembled form Wigwam will not take much space among your luggage. 

If your baby loves to have fun in his tepee so much, so why not take it always with you! Worried about its cleanliness and resistance to breakage? Put those thoughts aside - our teepee is made exclusively from durable natural materials that are easy to both clean and wash. 

Have you clicked on the link to place an order for our unique Wigwam yet? Don't delay! Remember that they are particularly popular among our customers. The sooner you order, the sooner your child will be able to plunge into a magical world where their imagination comes to life and their wildest fantasies come true!

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