Many are surprised that in today's world, in the era of powerful scientific and technological progress, the trend for everything ecological and natural is the undisputed leader. This applies to all spheres, including the world of children's toys. Yes, it may seem paradoxical, but among the inexhaustible number of interactive gadgets, parents are increasingly giving preference to passive options when choosing toys for kids. Today, wooden toys, which were popular even before the invention of plastic, have regained their former popularity and are gaining a growing audience. But are parents really driven by the desire to be on trend, or do they choose wooden toys for another reason? 

Wooden toys emit a special positive energy - it's true, agree! When they get in the sight of children, they want to play with them longer, because they are pleasant to the touch and adopt the temperature of their hands. Developmental toys made of wood are absolutely harmless to children, hypoallergenic and have a pleasant soothing forest aroma. They are practically impossible to break, because they are strong enough, because they are usually made of natural wood of hard varieties. These toys perfectly preserve their pristine appearance and are so durable that they can be passed from generation to generation as a family heirloom.

"Passive toys", so it is now commonly referred to as developing toys made of wood, very useful to children at an early age, when they are just beginning to learn about our world. They are unique and have many advantages over modern interactive models. What is so special about them and why are they so useful for kids? 

Here are five main advantages of wooden toys, which will help the full comprehensive development of children:

1. teach interaction skills (speech and communication skills)

2. Stimulate creativity and imagination

3. Develop fine motor skills

4. Help to acquire cognitive skills

5. Serve as a foundation for the development of spatial thinking

The list is very impressive. They really deserve special attention of all parents who want to raise smart and savvy children through play without much complicated manipulation and exhausting activities. 

If your child's play area doesn't already have such wooden toys, we highly recommend you to start getting acquainted with them right now! In the Yoko Tower range you will find three starter play sets that are perfect for this. The magical wooden letters Alfabeto in legno, which will help you learn the alphabet and learn to read many times faster. And with Figure Geometriche and Puzzle Tetris will be easier to develop logical thinking and spatial perception. 

Choosing wooden toys Yoko Tower you can not worry about their quality and safety, as well as the benefits they will bring to the development of your children. We have done it for you! You only have to enjoy the smiles and happiness of your children when they play with our toys!

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