Tent Wigwam

Tent Wigwam - the perfect wigwam

You should definitely get a Tenda Wigwam from Yoko Tower for your little one, because all kids need their own little house, even those who think they are adults. Our wigwam is sure to be loved by your kids, because it's perfect. We designed it with great love and thought out everything to the smallest detail. Now we will tell you everything in detail. 

At first glance, the teepee is a simple enough uncomplicated construction. A few sticks fastened at the top, which are covered with a cloth. Yes, absolutely right! But frankly, it took some work to create our Tenda Wigwam. After all, Montessori furniture designed for children simply has to be perfect. That's why during the design process, we took into account several criteria that we consider fundamental.

The first and most important on our list is safety and environmental friendliness. Tenda Wigwam is made of high quality natural materials. It has a very sturdy wooden frame, carefully sanded, equipped additionally with a stabilizer that keeps the structure stationary. The tent itself is sewn from one hundred percent cotton, certified STANDART 100 by OEKO-TEX. For the padding of the mat we used hypoallergenic soft polyester pressed fiber, which allows the product to breathe and dry very quickly. The use of quality natural materials guarantees you durability of use, as well as easy cleaning and washing of all components.

The second criterion is comfort and ergonomics. Tenda Wigwam by Yoko Tower has a convenient size, easy to assemble and disassemble, which gives you the opportunity to take it with you on vacation in the countryside and on trips. The structure is 150cm high and 110cm deep and wide. The set includes a comfortable, densely padded mat, which is as soft as a mattress. So, if your baby suddenly falls asleep in the tepee during the day, then do not disturb his dreams, he will be very comfortable on our mat. The tent has good air and light transmission thanks to the properties of the fabric, and also has a large window, which provides enough light for reading, drawing and other creative activities.

Well, the last, third, criterion is practical design. Tenda Wigwam looks very stylish and modern. It will fit perfectly into almost any interior. The wigwam is made in light colors, but if you plan to use it as an accent in the interior, we can offer you a large palette of pastel shades of fabrics. We also include flags and feathers for additional decoration of the tepee. And in general, we think that you should give free rein to the child's imagination. He will be able to decorate and adapt our Tenda Wigwam to his interests. After all, perhaps today he will want to fly to the moon and his wigwam will turn into a magic starship. Tomorrow he will plunge into the past, live in a cave and hunt a mammoth. A day later he will captain a pirate ship in search of adventure or turn the teepee into a hospital for toys and become the head doctor there. Each time his tepee will get a new purpose, because the imagination of children has no limit!

Right now, place an order on our website, give your baby a Tenda Wigwam from Yoko Tower and see how it will delight him for years to come. Make your children's dreams come true with us! 

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