Style and comfort in one product

Style and comfort in one product

We are ready to present our next novelty, which is sure to become one of the top sellers! This soft and gentle frameless chair that can give your child a pleasant feeling of warmth, coziness and comfort. It will brighten his everyday life, life will become brighter and more interesting! 

Did you know that the first frameless upholstered chair appeared back in the 60s of last century? It was in the form of a bag. However, then it was not very popular, because the filler inside the product was not quite suitable and absolutely uncomfortable. Now, since the appearance of innovative polystyrene foam pellets, upholstered chairs confidently conquer the furniture market. They are at the peak of popularity.  All children are crazy about them, upholstered armchairs are appropriate in modern interiors and mega convenient in operation! 

Adapts to the weight and shape of the body

As soon as the Beanbag by YokoTower arrives in your home, it will immediately become your baby's favorite place to rest and play. Soft and soft like a featherbed, airy like a cloud, light as a feather, comfortable and convenient - it is perfect for babies. And its main advantage is that the chair adapts to your baby's posture! It is as ergonomic as possible. Sitting in our chair the child's muscles are completely relaxed and there is no excessive harmful load on the lumbar and thoracic spine. Our  Beanbag chair is comfortable for both sitting and lying down. You can not worry if your child dozes off in a soft chair, he will be comfortable and convenient there, because the filling of the chair adjusts to the weight and shape of the body of children, repeating them with accuracy to the millimeter. And also the granules of polystyrene foam create a kind of massage action, which allows you to relieve nervous tension, providing the child a complete relaxation. 

Absolutely safe for children

The safety of the  Beanbag, like all YokoTower products, is our top priority! We have used only high quality and hypoallergenic materials to create our padded chair. It is sewn from durable and soft to the touch corduroy, which provides a gentle tactile experience for babies. Impeccable tailoring ensures the integrity of the product. It easily supports up to 120 kg of weight. Therefore, even with the most active children's games, our chair is not afraid of additional load!  

Chair Beanbag is filled with polystyrene foam, thanks to which the chair is able to renew its original shape hundreds of times. The properties of the filler do not change significantly over time, it does not accumulate dust, moisture and is not allergenic. It is also worth noting that  Beanbag belongs to frameless furniture, which means that its design does not have sharp and rigid elements. You can not worry, the risk of injury is excluded.

Easy care

Beanbag chair is easy to keep clean. The chair has a removable cover, which makes it easy to clean. It can be refreshed in a conventional washing machine. Choose the delicate washing mode at 30°C and the normal mode for rinsing and spinning. Do not use bleach! It is better to entrust the removal of stubborn stains and heavy soiling to professionals and give the cover to a dry cleaner. Such proper care guarantees the longevity of the YokoTower upholstered armchair.  

The perfect combination of versatility and style

Thanks to its compact dimensions and light weight, our armchair is very mobile. Even a child can easily move it, so be prepared for it to move from room to room in your home. Beanbag can be taken out on the summer terrace or taken with you on a vacation to the countryside. Your child will love the fact that his favorite upholstered chair can travel with him. In addition, the armchair will fit perfectly into any interior. Its original and creative design will add a touch of modernity and style to any environment. 

Big toy

Beanbag chair will serve in a child's room not only as a comfortable place where the child can rest. It will be for him also a new, big toy, which can be carried, used in the construction of game locations, hide under or behind it and play as with a regular soft toy. So many interesting games with the chair can realizovat child, using his inexhaustible imagination! 

Frameless armchair-bag YokoTower - is an ultra-fashionable, original and correct solution for children's room. It will give the kids incomparable softness, comfort and joy. Beanbag chair is a sea of bright emotions for every day!

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