Quality wooden children's furniture! How to recognize it?

Quality wooden children's furniture! How to recognize it?

Now on the furniture market is represented by a huge number of factories and small businesses that make children's furniture. But a good product from poor quality some people to distinguish quite difficult. Parents who choose furniture for children's room, dream to buy exactly reliable and durable, which will serve their baby for more than one year! We will try to help those who are thinking about the arrangement of the nursery and name 5 main signs of wooden furniture products, by which it is easy to determine their quality! 

First impression

You may be surprised, but quality furniture is almost always visible to the naked eye. It's sure to look sleek and carefully crafted. If in the furniture showroom you like something very much, then do not rush to judgment, and look at the product. Never rely on emotions, because when choosing furniture for children's room should prevail common sense! Excessively bright attractive look and intricate design, some manufacturers often hide obvious defects that you are sure to miss out. For example, you may well not notice large uneven gaps at the joints of parts. And the places of connection in no case should not have gaps, damage and glue residue, because it will greatly affect the life of the furniture. You can also miss the pungent, pronounced odor of chemicals. Remember, high-quality wooden furniture exudes an exceptionally fresh woody aroma!

If you choose furniture in an online store, then here you should rely only on the authority and image of the manufacturer. Study the reviews, carefully read the description of the goods and choose a proven site! 

Wood species and its density

This is perhaps the most important sign of quality children's furniture and it must be taken into account when calculating the expected load. Despite the fact that the hardest and most reliable wood is considered to be oak, walnut, hornbeam and beech, for children's furniture is ideal for maple, birch and alder. They are maximally environmentally friendly, strong enough, have a homogeneous structure, perfectly amenable to processing, have an interesting texture and a beautiful light shade. Products made of such wood are almost not scratched, and therefore retain their pristine appearance for a long time.

But what is definitely not suitable for children's furniture is pine wood. We have already written about it once in the article “Yoko Tower: pros and cons when choosing wood!”, but we can repeat it ad infinitum. Pine is not the best option for making children's furniture, because with mechanical impact and excessive loads can appear cracks and chips. Also because of the non-uniform structure of furniture unevenly darkens, which greatly spoils its appearance. But the most unpleasant thing is that over time on the products can protrude resin. Of course, it is absolutely safe for kids, but constantly get dirty about it - it is a discomfort! 

Smooth surface

The surface of high-quality wooden furniture will always be smooth, perfectly even, without any visible burrs and roughness. If you run your hand over the surface of the furniture and nothing disturbs your movement, you have a perfectly sanded product in front of you! Incorrect sanding, for example across the wood structure, is always noticeable even visually. There will definitely be dark lines or scratches all over the surface of the furniture, which means that the coloring and coating will be uneven a priori.

Coloring and coating 

The color and uniformity of the surface coating is exactly what adds to the sophistication and unique appearance of the furniture. A quality coloring is stain and streak free all around the piece!  And the coating, whether matte or glossy, should be visually uniform. There can be no glue, lacquer or paint drips, darkened and discolored places should also be absent.

It is the correct and perfect wood treatment that protects the product from external influences and prevents the surface from cracking, so be sure to take this feature into account when choosing furniture!

Small details are also important

Perhaps, fittings - this is something on which no manufacturer who appreciates its customers and values its image will not save money, because the quality of furniture fittings depends on the strength, safety, comfort and duration of operation of the entire structure! Expensive fixtures are easy to distinguish, because they look more aesthetically pleasing, as they are made of more durable materials, which can be seen in their external finish. If you hear squeaks when trying out the furniture, then know - the product is definitely assembled on cheap fittings! And such furniture is clearly no place in the room of your child! 

Wooden furniture is a benchmark of real luxury living, a sign of good taste of the owners and their wealth. It is wooden furniture is a favorite among buyers, because it is reliable, practical, environmentally friendly and can create a special cozy atmosphere in any room. The important point is only to buy quality products for the room of your children! 

Children's health is in your hands! Do not forget about this when you choose furniture for children's room, because low-quality products will negatively affect the well-being of the child. And furniture made of cheap not durable wood can simply collapse during operation and thereby cause injury and serious harm to health! Choose thoughtfully, trust only professionals in the production of children's furniture!

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