Pikler Triangle with ramp & Montessori Climbing Arch - the best tandem for a children's play area

Pikler Triangle with ramp & Montessori Climbing Arch - the best tandem for a children's play area 

To equip a sports corner in the play area of a child's room you don't need to buy an expensive bulky sports and development complex and other equipment.  Just two pieces of furniture from YokoTower are enough to provide your child with muscle strengthening, joint flexibility, improved agility and a stable sense of balance. The Pikler Triangle con rampa paired with our  Montessori Climbing Arc Stella or Curve will teach your child to master the power of their own body!

Developing gross motor skills 

Large motor skills are basic motor skills that are vital for a child's full physical and intellectual development. In simple words, it is the ability of children to perform such simple actions for adults, such as rolling over, bending, walking, crawling, running, jumping. And to have a baby balanced development of large motor skills do not need exhausting training, it is enough just to give the child freedom of movement! Parents should create a safe environment for children to play actively, where they can freely test their physical abilities and hone their acquired skills. And the Pickler Triangle, complete with arch and climbing slide, will do the job perfectly! Every day, climbing up the ladders, descending and climbing down the slide, overcoming the arch arc, kids develop and strengthen all muscle groups, improve coordination. In addition, such physical activity will form in children the concept of a healthy lifestyle!

Raising a child to be independent and self-confident

Simple active games on the YokoTower sports complex can significantly increase a child's self-confidence and foster independence in them! Do you doubt the truth of this statement? You should, because with constant free access to the sports complex, kids are very enthusiastic to play there exclusively at their own convenience, satisfying their natural daily need for movement.  They explore and test the capabilities of their own bodies, analyzing and tracking their progress. They improve each new skill, building endurance and resilience to challenges.  Children set goals and reach their goals by relying only on their own strength. This is how they learn to believe and trust themselves, which serves as a solid foundation for the future development of their strong and independent personality! 

A territory of creativity and free play

Pikler Triangle with ramp and Montessori Climbing Arch is a universal tool for the realization of your child's most daring play ideas. It is sometimes difficult for us adults to even imagine what our children's imagination is capable of.  They will turn the Pickler triangle into a fortress, to which you need to get through overcoming difficult obstacles. Perhaps there will be underground tunnels or a suspension bridge that soars over the abyss. Or maybe the child will build a pier from the arch near the castle and will be there to catch a magic fish that will fulfill his cherished wishes.  The Yoko Tower sports complex is suitable for any games that originate in the imagination of creative children. 

Emotional and social development is the basis for inner harmony

Constant motor activity on the sports facilities allows children to challenge their own limits! Kids learn patience, deal with frustration, fight fear, and develop resilience on the road to achievement. Such experiences give them the ability to control and manage their emotions.  

And our sports complex is also suitable for group games. It is spacious enough to accommodate several children. Playing together, they will learn to cooperate, help and share with each other, which will have a positive impact on their social skills.

The right balance 

Analyzing all of the above, we can confidently say that Pikler Triangle with ramp paired with our Montessori Climbing Arch Stella or Curve can provide children with quality physical development, intellectual growth and comfortable emotional background at the same time. This is a prime example of how easy it is to achieve the right balance in all-round development. 

Your children's success begins in their nursery! And we would be very happy if the YokoTower sports and development complex becomes an integral part of it. We create safe and comfortable furniture for happy children, because they deserve only the best!

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