Pickler triangle with climbing : useful device or just fun?

Pickler triangle with climbing wall: useful device or just fun?

Most parents think that working on improving fine motor skills at an early age is of paramount importance. And rightly so, because it contributes to the intensive development of such processes as thinking, attention, memory and speech. But we would like to emphasize that fine motor skills will not develop fully if large motor skills are not working well! The balance will not be achieved when the baby does not fully satisfy its natural needs for movement. It is very important to pay special attention to the quality physical development of the child! And how to do it correctly, you ask? Here to help will come a revolutionary device in the world of education and development of children - triangle Pickler with ramp from Yoko Tower.  This is not just a sports complex for fun active games, but a powerful tool that teaches your child to master his body!

What is the Pickler Triangle?

Hungarian pediatrician and educator Emmy Pickler, like her contemporary Marria Montessori, clearly saw the close relationship between environment, freedom of action and the development of basic skills in children. They both believed that every child has powerful inner strengths and abilities that stimulate them to develop and build their own personality! Pedagogues argued that children should be allowed to develop at their own pace and not interfere significantly in this process, but only observe and help by creating a favorable environment for harmonious development.  

According to Emmy Pickler's free motor methodology, the infant's freedom of movement has a significant impact on his mental, intellectual, and physical state. She believed that most devices for children (strollers, walkers, electric swings, etc.) do not allow the child to move at will. These devices are convenient only for parents and are not aimed at the development of children themselves. Babies should not be restricted in their actions, much less forced to perform manipulations that they have not yet mastered independently. This prevents children from discovering themselves, their abilities and the world around them! And YokoTower experts fully agree with this. 

Triangle Pickler - is a simple uncomplicated and at the same time ingenious wooden construction, which helps children to independently master the skills of large motor skills, develop coordination and sense of balance, endurance and agility, grip strength and hand strength, and also contributes to the mental development of the baby. Perhaps this is the most accurate description of this sports equipment.  For kids under 2 years of age, it is an invaluable tool for early stimulation to activity, and for older children it is a powerful developmental sports complex that will help them gradually learn new physical skills and explore their own limits. 

Triangolo Pikler con rampa is a powerful YokoTower sports device

We know how children's bodies need special physical activities to build muscle strength and joint flexibility, improve agility and sense of balance. After all, lack of movement slows down not only the physical but also the mental development of the baby, the formation of his character, the acquisition of new skills and the ability to overcome difficulties. That is why we have developed and created for your children a powerful home sports complex that promotes full physical development. It includes two ladders, a rope net for climbing and a special climbing wall, which is attached to the structure in different ways, depending on the needs and imagination of the child.  

The YokoTower Triangle Pickler is a sturdy wooden structure made of birch wood.  The ladders and rope net, securely connected at the tops, acquire a stable triangular shape that does not require additional fixation and attachment to the floor or wall.

Convenient angle of inclination of side ladders freely allows children up to a year old to independently reach the steps and lean on them, and from the age of one year already actively use the triangle for more complex actions. The ladders themselves are very good that with their help the baby can track his progress, because the height he will overcome gradually, with each day rising one or two steps higher. In addition, our ladders have a different step distance between the steps, which is beneficial for the formation of endurance and coordination. 

In the set to the triangle Pickler is a special climbing wall, on which the child will be very interesting to climb, slide and roll down. It can be easily and securely attached to any side of the structure. And if you add the Triangolo Pikler con rampa with our Dondolo Montessoriano Stella or Dondolo Montessoriano Curve, you will have a complete and perfect sports and developmental complex for the play area in the children's room!

The Pickler Triangle with climbing wall and slide is something your children will definitely appreciate. We are sure that this is exactly the comfortable environment they need for freedom of self-expression and harmonious development! 

The health and happiness of your children is always a priority for Yoko Tower!

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