Perfect toy storage

Perfect toy storage

Have you long dreamed of organising toy storage in your child's room according to the Montessori principle? Do you want everything to be as safe and convenient for your baby as possible, but at the same time look stylish and aesthetically pleasing? Then we offer you to create your own individual shelving unit from YokoTower, which will become a real art object in your nursery!

An indispensable attribute in the nursery 

Organising perfect storage in a child's room is probably the most time-consuming task for parents. But it is not difficult at all, if you put a functional shelving unit with open access shelves in the nursery, which will fit absolutely everything! Favourite toys, constructors, puzzle boxes, books, art sets, soft toys and all sorts of useful things for your children. Everything will be stored in one place and the kid will always be able to take them freely during playtime. This is a cherished dream of all children and parents - an excellent storage system, which will definitely will be a great addition to your children's room. We are sure of it!

Safety and comfort 

YokoTower shelves are very sturdy, safe and secure. They are made of high quality materials. They are stable and maximally convenient to use, they do not clutter the space, creating easy comfort and cosiness. Each shelf consists of three square cells, they are shallow but very spacious. All surfaces are perfectly sanded, which eliminates injury to children. The shelves have not been treated with toxic paint and varnish materials, which means they are absolutely ecological and not dangerous for the health of kids. 

YokoTower open floor shelves are very easy to assemble and securely fasten together. They are as easy to maintain as possible, which in turn guarantees their longevity. They will go through all the stages of growing up with your children!

Montessori storage

The YokoTower floor shelving unit with open shelves for storing toys is ideal for lovers of Montessorri-style children's furniture. Our shelves epitomise the principle of free and unobstructed access to a child's belongings. All of your child's toys and necessities will always be in plain sight and each of them will have their own place on the shelf, keeping the room in perfect order. 

From the very early childhood instil independence in children, allow them to make their own decisions about when and what to play with. This way, your child will learn to listen to themselves, taking the initiative and honing their self-care skills in the home. 

Choose the shape and size of the shelving unit yourself 

We love it when parents are creative along with their children. That's why we decided not to limit your imagination and trust you to design your future toy storage racks. We have chosen, as we think, the most optimal dimensions for the shelves and a convenient size of cells, so that you could comfortably arrange them. How many do you need to fit all of your baby's essentials? This will be entirely your informed choice!  Take as many cells as you think you need. Place them vertically or horizontally, give the shelving unit the shape you think best fits the aesthetics of your child's room. Unleash your design potential and create your own personalised toy storage rack. Rectangular, square, asymmetrical, narrow and tall, or as low and long as possible, or maybe in the form of steps? You can easily realise your wildest ideas with YokoTower open shelving. We lay a strong foundation for your creative process! 

 Self-styling and modernising

Another huge advantage of our open-access shelving is that you can always modernise your shelving unit. Change its shape by rearranging it, add new drawers, or complete your shelving unit with handy pull-out empties or organisers for storing small items. Upgrade your shelving unit to make it easier for your little one to find things.

Let him decorate the shelves himself with labels, inscriptions, stickers or drawings. This will make the design colourful and attractive for the child, because everything in his room should bring him only joy and positive emotions! 

Convenient and functional rack YokoTower is able to create a practical space in your child's room, where each favourite toy has its own place. From now on there will be no more mess and toy chaos! You will see that your child will be very happy to put everything in its place, filling every free cell of the rack. Kids will always know where their favourite cars and dolls are, because they will place them on the shelves themselves.  Playing in such a cosy and harmonious environment, the kid will feel independent and full master of his cheerful everyday life!

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