Pastel colors are perfect for children's rooms!

Pastel colors are perfect for children's rooms!

And why do most parents mistakenly think that the pink color is exclusively for girls, and blue - for boys?

Avoid this stereotype! Do not be afraid of bold colorful solutions and colored furniture!  You have the right to choose for the interior of the children's room any colors and shades. The truth is only that this color was pleasant for children, gave them comfort and peace. Ask your child in what colors he sees his favorite room, try to combine them correctly and experiment. 

Cozy and calm 

In the children's room of your baby should always be cozy and calm, so the colors for the interior should be chosen soft and restrained. Pastel shades are ideal for children, because they soothe, give a sense of security, lull babies with their warmth. And this applies to the whole interior - the color of the walls and furniture, textiles and decorative elements. All color filling the room should be in harmony with each other and favorably affect the child! 

You will say that children love loud juicy colors and everything bright? Yes, all true! But kids like to draw bright pencils, dress in beautiful bright clothes, play motley colorful toys. And that doesn't mean at all that a toddler will like a room that is filled with all the colors of the rainbow! Intense, screaming and acidic colors will unnecessarily excite the psyche of the child. Do not think that a bedroom in pastel shades will look boring, the variety of colors in it will bring the children themselves, just give them the opportunity. 

Giving preference to pastel shades in the color scheme of the children's room you provide both beauty and versatility. And there is no need to be afraid of light-colored walls and furniture in the interior, they are not as marred as it may seem at first glance. 

Choice of color

Color filling the room acts not only on the psyche of the child, but also on all the organs and systems of his body. Whether we want it or not, but the choice of colors for a child's room should be approached very consciously! Psychologists say that, for example, cheerful, restless and overactive kids will calm down a little cold light shades of purple, violet or lilac. They will help them to concentrate their attention on the tasks and goals. But calm children should, on the contrary, give an impetus to activity, so it will not be superfluous to add shades of orange and yellow. These sunny colors awaken a burst of energy in children. For the room of children who are prone to show violent emotions and sudden mood changes, cool pastel colors of blue, green or turquoise are recommended. And plodding and creative personalities are better to choose an interior in natural shades of beige. Ideally suitable color of fallen leaves or coffee with milk. 

Remember that to act strictly on the basis of these rules should be. After all, creating the interior of the children's room - a creative process in which there are no hard limits. Act in the interests of your child and choose what is suitable for him. Selecting color filling for the room, do not forget about the sense of proportion. Combine shades and primary colors, add textures and the nursery will be comfortable and cozy.  

Colored furniture in the nursery 

Colored furniture has long been at the peak of popularity. It can dramatically change the situation in the room, bring brightness, focus all the attention. Colored furniture always looks very stylish and not boring in any interior, and almost always indicates the extraordinary thinking of the owners. Furniture of different colors, of course, is perfect for children's rooms, where it is very important to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere for relaxation, full development and rest.

In the range of Yoko Tower there is a lot of furniture in different pastel shades. You can choose the color options that will best suit your kids' rooms. Lilac, yellow, blue, menthol, gray, pink. Furniture in these colors looks very cute, gentle and fabulous.

And as of recently, our unique Torre Transformabile in exclusive colors from the English factory Little Greene is available on the Yoko Tower website. Isn't that great? Over a hundred incredible shades. Little Greene has an impeccable, noble and refined color palette that will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. Our Towers in these colors have become even more popular, they completely break the stereotypical idea of children's furniture and look like real design masterpieces! Only with such furniture you can express yourself and not get lost in the grayness of everyday life.

The sense of beauty is born from childhood. Everything that your child sees every day and what surrounds him, forms his taste. That is why harmony is so important when decorating a child's room, because it is there that the process of formation of the child's personality begins!

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