New from Yoko Tower - Step Stool: Mobile and Indispensable Helper for Children

We know how much your children love our helper towers

Which assist them in independently performing all daily hygiene procedures without your help. The assistant tower is needed everywhere - in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. However, constantly moving it around the house can be inconvenient! That's why we developed and created the Step Stool - a mobile, versatile, and indispensable helper for your children. It’s lightweight, convenient, and safe. Kids will definitely love it because it helps them reach the necessary height in hard-to-reach places.

The Step Stool is a new bestseller from Yoko Tower

Set to top the sales charts along with our Learning Towers. Step stools are a truly essential furniture accessory for your children. Made from sturdy natural wood, it is completely hypoallergenic. Its shape is authentic and practical, and the design is minimalist and modern, ensuring it fits perfectly into your home decor and lasts for many years. The Yoko Tower Step Stool provides reliability and safety for children during use. It is very stable and stands firmly on the surface. The step stool is lightweight, allowing children to easily move it from place to place.

The Yoko Tower Step Stool can be used as a step, stand, ladder, stool, or chair. It has an optimal height of 25 cm, providing a comfortable and safe height for children. They will find it very easy to climb and stand on our platform, as the width of the upper step is 16 cm and the lower step is 12 cm, offering enough space for free movement of their feet. The overall depth of the product is 34 cm, ensuring stability and a low risk of tipping over.

If your child is just beginning to explore the world around them, get them our step stool, which will help them feel more confident, as everything around them seems so big. If they can stand tall with adults and perform simple tasks with you or even independently from an early age, it will accelerate the development of independence and self-awareness. Independently performing certain tasks will give them confidence in themselves and their abilities, and they will be very proud of themselves! You will make a significant investment in the development of your child's personality, believe us. We, the makers of Yoko Tower Montessori furniture, are confident in this!

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