Multitasking, compactness and comfort

Multitasking, compactness and comfort

If your child has a smart room and you do not know how to fit everything that is necessary for its full development and rest, then this article is for you! The only correct solution in such a situation is transformer furniture. It is multifunctional and can quite replace two, or even three products. With the help of transformer furniture you can easily fill and game, and working, and sleeping areas without a huge accumulation of furniture structures. Let's delve deeper into this topic!

Transformer furniture has been popular for years. It is a great solution when you have a small living space or you just like a lot of free space and try to rationally use every square metre of your flat. Transformable wooden furniture combines multifunctionality, compactness and comfort. Modern solutions in furniture manufacturing technology allow using various mechanisms to transform the products from one to another with just one movement.

Yoko Tower likes this approach in furniture manufacturing. Transformer models ensure efficient use of space. Taking up a minimum amount of space in the room, when changing the configuration, the furniture becomes multitasking. This is very convenient, don't you agree?

That's why we create transforming models of children's furniture. For example, our unique Transformer Learning Tower, which effortlessly transforms into a table and chair. It combines innovative design, practicality and fulfils several functions in one place. The Torre Transformabile from Yoko Tower serves as an assistant for children to safely climb to adult height, independently perform daily hygiene routines and actively participate in family activities. And then, with just one movement of the hand, it transforms into a comfortable place to feed your child, or into an area for educational games and creativity. Our Montessori tower, transformable into a table and chair is the best solution for small children's rooms for active and curious kids.

Buying transformer furniture for children's room, you make it spacious, modern, stylish and extraordinary. You significantly save free space and money.

Yoko Tower will help you to fill the space of your child's room functionally and beautifully! Create cosiness and comfort in your home together with us!

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