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The right wardrobe

If you want to teach your child order and proper wardrobe organisation, the most important thing you should do is to get rid of bulky wardrobes in children's rooms. Your baby's wardrobe should be arranged in such a way that the child can independently take clothes from the shelves and put them back. Believe me, this will make the process very easy and then you will definitely not have to constantly rake piled in a pile of children's things. What should be the right dressing room in the children's room?

The main rule of an ideal dressing room is that the size of the wardrobe is convenient for your child. All hooks, hangers and rods must be at an accessible height, and shelves - an acceptable depth. Also we advise you to place small containers (boxes) at the bottom of the wardrobe, where kids will be convenient to put small things such as socks, underwear, shirts, scarves. Next to the wardrobe there should be a basket for dirty clothes, where the baby can put things that he has already worn, as well as a small bench or chair, so that it was convenient for him to dress. You can even put a small low drying rack so that the child can hang up his clothes himself after washing. Children find this activity very fascinating, even the smallest ones are happy to hang the washed laundry, believe me. Here are all the rules of wardrobe organisation, following which you can easily teach your child to order and careful treatment of things!

If you still don't know how to choose the perfect wardrobe for your child, Yoko Tower can help you. We have designed and manufactured Armadio Montessori and Armadio "Coniglietto" for your children that will fit perfectly into your home. The wardrobes have the same purpose and functionality but differ slightly in size and design. The height of the wardrobes is 105cm and the depth is 32cm, which is comfortable for children aged 2 to 7-8 years. The Armadio Montessori is 124cm long and the "Coniglietto" is 100cm long. Both models are handmade from quality birch plywood. And if they suddenly seem very small to you, you should not forget that children will learn to keep their wardrobe in order if there is a minimum of things. It is not necessary to store in the wardrobes things that are already small or those that will fit in a month or two. It is more correct if on the shelves of the child will be no more than 5 things of the same name, located in separate cells. In addition, it will also simplify the process of choosing clothes and reduce the time for packing.

Our unique wardrobes, designed with all the principles of the Montessori methodology in mind. Which means it's not just a place to store things, but also an important tool for teaching children life skills. After all, when he chooses his own clothes for a walk and keeps things in order, he develops independence and a sense of accomplishment. And when the baby cleans the wardrobe, neatly folding each of his things and placing them on the shelves in beautiful stacks, he trains his fine motor skills. In addition, children who already use our convenient wardrobes, do not bother their parents with constant questions about where their trousers and socks are, because they always know where to find them, because they put them there themselves.

And lastly - a little tip from Yoko Tower! Master together with your baby the original method of folding KonMari. And even if at first glance you find it a boring chore, your child will most likely approve of it. Children, as a rule, willingly sort things by colour and roll them up. This will be another interesting creative process for them!

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