Montessori children's room

Montessori children's room

A Montessorri-style room for children is rightly considered a benchmark for most parents. There is nothing surprising, because the methodology of early development of Maria Montessorri impressed many people, has long been time-tested and recognized around the world. But you are deeply mistaken if you think that to create a Montessorri room it will be enough to have Montessorri educational toys or furniture elements that are made based on the principles of early development.

Montessori nursery is a unique world, which is created for the full development of your baby.  And what is so special about this room? How can parents understand what is necessary to create a Montessori nursery, and what should not be there? Let's understand everything in order!

Features of the interior Montessorri-kindergarten

Children's room in the Montessorri style is as simple, safe and practical as possible. The room should be spacious enough, made necessarily in light colors. Good basic lighting and a lot of additional light for specific zones. When choosing fabrics for decoration, it is better to give preference to natural, such as linen, cotton, silk, wool. In the finishing it is worth using materials of different textures, because it is through touch that babies perceive most of the information about the environment. In the interior of Montessorri-kindergarten ideally fit different shapes of cork mats, knitted accessories, fur blankets, wooden toys.

Furniture for children

All furniture is designed exactly for the child. And this applies not only to the crib, table and chair. In the literal sense, all the necessary furniture in the room should be low, so that the child can independently use and bookshelves, and racks, and a closet for clothes. Furniture is better to choose from natural durable materials, without additional processing. It is important that it necessarily corresponds to the main principles of the methodology of early development, such as Yoko Tower.  And remember, no bulky furniture, a minimum of toys, the absence of many decorative elements!

Safety first

Everything in the room should be as safe as possible for your child. Analyze everything and exclude what you can hit hard, hurt, get caught. Also do not lay mats on which the child can slip. Do not include items that need to be kept safe.

Obligatory elements

A huge mirror is a must for a nursery in Montessorri style. After all, according to the conviction of the founder of the method, it is with the help of it that the child studies movements, facial expressions and everything that surrounds him. The main prerequisite is a low bed for sleeping and the presence of two sleeping places in the room. A low bed is needed so that the child can freely climb in and out of the crib. For example, for the youngest choose just a comfortable mattress, laid directly on the floor, because it stimulates kids to cognitive activity. But the second sleeping place is necessary for development, observation and just rest. Also a prerequisite is the presence of many low open shelves, which provides the child free access to objects and is very convenient for organizing order in the room.   

An important mandatory element of Montessorri nursery is zoning. The division of the room into certain zones by purpose provides comfort and coziness for the child, disciplines and helps the kid to concentrate on the task he aims to perform at the moment.   But this topic needs more specifics, so we will definitely come back to it in our next articles. Stay tuned for our updates.

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