Every toy has its place!

Every toy has its place!

Open shelves for storing toys have been on sale only a few months ago, and we are already receiving positive feedback from our regular customers! Happy, satisfied children and their parents are the best praise for us! We are very happy that you follow the updated assortment on the Yoko Tower website and our new products are immediately in such demand. 

What do the customers who have already appreciated all the charms of our shelves and installed in children's rooms individual racks for storing toys say!


- We have a very active son! Because of his age now he is insanely curious. He tries himself in different areas of play, he has no specific preferences in the game - he is interested in everything, so he has a variety of toys and there are a lot of them. I wanted to organize his play area so that it would be as close to the Montessori method as possible.  Yoko Tower open shelves suited us perfectly and harmonized with the general style of the children's room. Our shelving consists of 4-shelves - that's 12 cells, in each of which my son stores toys by theme. It is very convenient when in one place collected everything for drawing or molding, together stacked all the boxes with puzzles or, for example, cubes. It's easier for him to find the right toy and it's easier for him to keep things organized! Since we got the shelving unit, it doesn't take long to clean up and my son does it all by himself.  Plus, I love the fact that the size of the shelving unit can be increased over time. After all, the baby is growing, hobbies are becoming more and more, which means that the arsenal of toys will be rapidly replenished. Maybe soon we will have to buy a couple more shelves, so that all his toys will fit in the cells and will be in one place. 

Martina, Nicolo's mom:

I have long dreamed of organizing a place for storing toys in my son's nursery so that it was as convenient as possible for him and for me. When he was a baby, there were no special problems with toys. We stored them in baskets and large empties. But as time went on, the dresser shelves and built-in crib drawers were filled with toys. Every day during the game everything was taken out and put back in a hurry and not in the order as necessary! It was a mess - mountains of cars mixed with small lego parts, which then had to be disassembled by me! 

Nicolo is a creative child and loves constructors. He has quite a lot of them, with parts of different sizes and he is able to collect unthinkable for me figures that are born in his imagination. In addition, my son was always very upset if I had to take them apart to put the details back in the right drawers. And it was quite normal, because he was sorry to ruin what he had spent so much time and effort on! And our problem was no longer just keeping the room in order. We needed a place to store Nicolo's huge author's constructions. When I saw on the YokoTower website their next novelty, open shelves for storage, I immediately realized - this is exactly what we needed! We immediately placed an order. We have only three shelves, which we have assembled so that both figures can be displayed and parts can be stored in the cells. It turned out to be not just a shelf for storing toys, but a whole construction workshop where Nicolo creates his masterpieces from lego. He can sit there for hours and always keeps the place in perfect order. The child is very happy that he no longer has to disassemble the assembled robots and can play with them at any time, and I am very happy that everything in the room is in its place! Who knows, perhaps in our family is growing a future great engineer and such an organization will help in the development of his talent! 

If you have long dreamed of organizing high-quality storage of toys in the children's room and want everything to be as safe, convenient, as well as stylish and aesthetic, then you can not do without our open shelves.

YokoTower offers you a unique opportunity to create your own individual toy rack, which will become a real asset in your nursery! You will be able to give it the desired shape, determine the size and number of cells, adapt and stylize it to the design of your children's rooms. With our open shelves everything is possible! It is enough just to show a little imagination and you will see how harmoniously the shelving unit will fit into the interior of your children's room!

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