Dressing without tears!

Dressing without tears!

Do you dream of teaching your child to dress himself, so that your pickups will be without tears and tantrums? Do you often dress your baby yourself, because you think it's faster and easier? What if we told you that it's all about the wrong organization of the dressing room space and the dressing process! 

We will help you to easily teach your child this useful skill, so that your outings together always start with a good mood. With YokoTower, everything is easier than it looks! And sometimes tasks that look impossible can be solved with just a few steps.

The right organization of the dressing room is the key to success!

The dressing room in your child's room should be functional, so allocate a whole corner for this zone, where the baby will try on his outfits and store all the things. Create a comfortable and cozy environment there will be very easy, because it is enough to do this with just a few furniture elements and accessories. 

The first thing to start with is a comfortable closet. No bulky constructions!  Your little one's closet should be organized in such a way that they can use it independently. Our Montessori Wardrobe and closet “Bunny” are ideal for this purpose, as they have dimensions that are comfortable for your child. All hooks, hangers and rods are at an accessible height and the shelves are at a reasonable depth, allowing your baby to pick up clothes and put them back without assistance.   

So what else should a closet area have? Of course, Montessori Small Chair , so that the child was comfortable to dress; a large mirror to watch yourself during the process of dressing and see yourself in full height. And it is desirable to have a basket for dirty clothes, where the baby could put things that he has already worn. All this together will create a favorable environment for the development of the skill of independent dressing and keeping order in the closet! It will literally attract young fashionistas and they will really want to practice dressing up. Yoko Tower are sure that using stylish and modern solutions for your own children, you form their taste, love for order and beauty! 

Convenient storage

Don't store a lot of clothes in your child's closet. This way children will not learn to keep their own closet in order and will quickly decide what to wear. Do not load the closet with things that are already small or those that will fit in a month or two. It is right if in the field of vision of the child will be a minimum of things suitable for the season. 

Hang clothes immediately in sets and necessarily on convenient hangers, as for example, Wood Hangers . Use baskets, boxes, organizers or drawers to store small items of clothing such as socks and underwear. 

Motivation will help you achieve what you want

Nothing is more helpful in achieving goals than the right motivation. To teach your child how to quickly and easily dress themselves without tears, you should motivate them to take this action.

Make up your own dress-up game and play together with your children, for example, dressing up for speed. Let an older brother or sister get dressed in front of him, so that the baby memorizes the correct sequence of dressing. You can also stack clothes for him at first, starting with what he needs to wear first. 

Go shopping together and let your children participate in choosing clothes. Buy what your kids like, even if you don't think it's good enough. After all, if they choose their own t-shirt, they will wear it with more pleasure than one that they do not like. 

Always encourage your child for wanting to put on something on their own and don't be in a hurry to correct their mistakes. Let the child put the shoe on the wrong foot and realize that it is uncomfortable. T-shirt or pants backwards is also not a big problem. Yes, you will need a lot of patience, but it is the right way.

Choose exceptionally comfortable clothes and shoes for your children that are easy to put on. Give them more freedom and time to consolidate the skill of dressing themselves, as suggested by one of the important points in the Montessori philosophy. Organize the right environment in the dressing room together with furniture products from YokoTower, and then you are sure to achieve the desired result, and quick dressing without tears will become your reality!

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