Develop, playing together with Yoko Tower

Develop, playing together with Yoko Tower 

About the benefits of educational toys made of wood can be talked about forever and we have already devoted to this topic our previous article, which highlighted the main advantages of all wooden toys. They bring children not only joy, but from birth play a key role in their intellectual development. After all, it is in the game children learn the world around them and master vital skills. Yoko Tower wooden toy sets are ideal for cognitive games for kids up to 10 years old. Doubting whether your child needs them? Then we'll tell you why you should buy them!

Elementary interaction skills - sharpen speech and communication skills

Who would have thought that wooden toys can develop such elementary interaction skills as speech and communication skills in a child. Yes, it is these passive gizmos, which do not make a single sound, stimulate kids to take control and voice the whole process of play independently! Thanks to this their individual communication is built, which teaches them to find contact with any interlocutor, to formulate their thoughts and further to choose the right and proper words.

Creativity and creative imagination. Learning to think outside the box!

Have you ever thought that modern interactive toys do everything for the child? They are colorful, have complex shapes, endowed with an individual appearance and style of behavior. And if we are talking about, for example, the figures of some heroes, they have and the scenario of the game is already a priori implied. Children do not need to think up anything - everything is ready! But games with wooden toys are radically different. Their simple shapes and impersonal appearance make kids connect imagination to diversify the game process. Children invent their own stories every day, endowing simple toys with specific qualities. This is how to develop their own imagination and creativity, creative and out-of-the-box thinking! 

Develop fine motor skills - you can't do without it

Does anyone need to talk about the importance of developing such skills in children as fine motor skills? It directly affects the dexterity of hands, the speed of reaction, the handwriting that will be formed in the future in the child. Moreover, it is fine motor skills that give an impetus to the work of the child's organism as a whole, affecting the efficiency of the brain, the development of memory and speech. So games with wooden parts Yoko Tower will only benefit. They should definitely be in the arsenal of every kid. Letters, parts for playing Tetris, geometric shapes of different sizes - all this will help children to pump the dexterity of their fingers. 

Cognitive skills - learning to think logically and to generate the skills learned

The development of cognitive skills begins in children from birth. They learn to perceive the world around them, to process information logically, to concentrate, to observe, and to generate their new skills. And neutral simple wooden toys always help them in this, because they do not have a strong emotional impact on them. Children develop at their own pace. Take for example Gioco didattico Amici or Puzzle Tetris, the simplest constructor, which can teach the child to reason and think logically, compare and contrast different parts, observe and concentrate on the work. In the process of such a game children analyze, additionally training their visual memory and attentiveness. 

Basics of spatial thinking

Spatial thinking is perhaps one of the most important parts of human intelligence. It helps us to orient ourselves in space, to solve simple and complex geometric problems, to visualize objects volumetrically in our imagination. And spatial thinking skills are not innate, they need to be developed. And the easiest way to do this in childhood - it's a game with building elements of different geometrichesklyy form and size, which will teach the baby to sort objects and realize the sequence of their addition.

You guessed it right, these are the all-time favorite Figure Geometriche from Yoko Tower, as well as our other wooden constructions. Well-developed spatial thinking in childhood gives a person the ability to separate the important from the unimportant, the ability to synthesize elements together, the ability to abstract and concretize, to realize any idea. 

Unity with nature 

Wooden toys Yoko Tower are durable, environmentally friendly, not harmful to health, beneficial to the physical and emotional well-being of the child. They are "alive", because wood radiates a special energy, which can create a close contact between the child and nature.  

Yoko Tower toys are made of high quality natural birch wood, each part is carefully sanded by hand. Competent processing allows our toys to retain the unique texture of wood, which makes them more attractive to the child and improves their tactile skills. Every day, playing with wooden figures is like they are in touch with nature. 

Which Yoko Tower wooden toy set would you like? Alfabeto in legno, Figure Geometriche, Puzzle Tetris or Gioco didattico Amici? Most likely you do not know what to choose to keep your child happy!  Want a secret from the manufacturer? Take all 4 sets at once! They will help your baby to develop multiranularly and simultaneously, bringing unforgettable emotions every day.

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