Cloud shelving unit

Cloud shelving unit

Meet the first novelty of this year from Yoko Tower - a stylish floor bookcase in the form of a fairy-tale cloud! It can turn the trivial storage of your child's favourite books into an exciting adventure, awakening their curiosity for reading. Our bookshelf will be a real highlight in your child's dream room. Rest assured, both boys and girls will love it. Convenient, compact, durable and very attractive, it will delight kids every day with its unusual magical look. 

Want to create an unusual fairytale atmosphere in your baby's room? Looking for something not banal in the reading corner, which would help you to interest your child and instil in him a love of books? Then you should definitely check out our new cloud-shaped book rack. It looks incredibly cute and original, while being a fully functional furniture product for storing children's literature.  We know for sure that such an unusual design will appeal to little readers and they will be very pleased to put their favourite books on the rack.  

The Yoko Tower Cloud Shelf is the perfect addition to a reading corner in a child's room. It will fit perfectly into any interior and will give it a kind of charm. It has a fairly simple design, which is based on the Montessorri methodology. It is stable, as safe as possible for kids and of a permissible height so that they can use it independently. The cloud shelf does not take up much space, it has a very compact and mobile size. But despite this, it is quite roomy, because it can easily fit many books of different sizes and even small cute toys.

Unusual bookshelves are in trend now!  And very often designers, departing from the standard perception, create models that are very creative, but absolutely not convenient.  We tried to design such a children's shelving unit that is both attractive, unique and functional. We think we have succeeded!

Why you should buy a cloud bookcase:

- it is as safe as possible, as are all YokoTower furniture products. It is made of high quality perfectly sanded wood and coated with non-toxic lacquers. Sturdy, stable, with no sharp corners or injury hazards. 

- This model is fully in line with the Montessorri principles. The shelf-cloud is an open-type bookshelf with the right height, which will provide the child with unobstructed access to literature.  He will always be able to pick up the desired book at the right moment. This encourages children to read actively and teaches them to make their own decisions!

- The shelf has only one compartment, but it is very spacious. The angle of inclination of the shelf sides is correctly selected, which makes it convenient to store and perfectly hold books. They will not fall, slip or fall through! Books of any format can easily fit in there, both small paperbacks and large encyclopaedias. 

- Compact size will allow you to place it in any corner of the room. It does not take up much space. Its height is only ... cm, length - and width - You can place it on the floor or on any higher surface. It will look marvellous everywhere, complementing the interior. 

- The magical original design will definitely excite the imagination of kids and turn their reading into a whole exciting adventure - a fairy tale will come to life in their room! 

Are you still in doubt? 

Hurry up and place your order online. Our new product is available in natural colour, as well as in blue, pink and white. The Yoko Tower Cloud Shelf will brighten up your child's everyday life by immersing them in a literary wonderland.

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