Arch Montessori Stella

Happiness for children

What if we told you that our Arch Montessori Stella is happiness for your children. A safe and multifunctional attribute of the children's room and a real find for active kids. The most restless will definitely be delighted with it.  Do not believe it? Now we will convince you!

Arch Montessori Stella by Yoko Tower is not only a compact cradle for rest and quiet games, but also a fascinating sports and developmental Montessori attribute. It will teach your baby to climb, go up and down the steps, as well as balance on a rocking surface. Arch rocking will have so many variations for games, as much as your child's imagination will allow. But let's get into more detail about everything.


The first purpose of the rocking arch is a cozy place to rest and sleep. As the set includes a comfortable soft mattress, which is easily attached to the arch with the help of ribbons, then your baby will be comfortable enough to lie in it and read a book or just rest after an active game, dream.  In the daytime in Dondolo Monteriana Stella your baby can fall asleep and even rock himself. We think it's great, because he will be able to show his independence.   


The second and one of the direct purposes of Dondolo Motion Stella is a swing. It seems to us that explanations here are superfluous. A small swing in your home is a great solution, because most children simply adore them. Agree, so much joy they bring this activity, and it is positive emotions that form the psychological health of the baby.  

Sport-developmental complex

Just one rocking arch can significantly improve the physical condition of your child. Daily games on our equipment will help your child learn to climb and descend stairs. Large motor skills will develop quickly enough, because your child will learn to keep control over his body, strengthen the ability to balance and improve coordination. His muscle mass will be strengthened. In addition, imagination and logical thinking will be developed in parallel, and the child will learn to notice and avoid dangers.

Play area

The last thing we would like to emphasize is that the rocking arch can well serve as a territory for active creative games of your baby. After all, his imagination rages with ideas, and just one some manipulation can turn the fixture into something unusual and even magical. The child may well put a plaid on top of the arch and he will already have a tent, a cave or a den where a brown bear lives. Or maybe the arch will become a bridge over a raging river, which must be overcome, or the bridge will lead to the castle of the enchanted princess. And the swing may well turn into a ship that will get into a strong storm... there are a million options. The wild imagination of children and our rocking arch will work perfectly in tandem, which a priori guarantees inexhaustible possibilities for entertainment.  

YokoTower's Arch Montessori Stella is a profitable investment for parents in the full development of their children. It will bring them a lot of positivity and happiness for many years. They say that happiness cannot be bought and it is true. But we, the experts at Yoko Tower, know exactly what the source of happiness can buy. 

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