An indispensable element of the closet

An indispensable element of the closet

Meet another new product of this year - universal classic wooden hangers YokoTower, which are suitable for absolutely any children's clothes. They are sturdy, comfortable and lightweight, and they are sure not to slip off! Our Baby's Hangers will greatly improve and brighten up the storage of clothes in your child's closet. From now on, every item will have its own trempel!

Kids clothes hangers are an integral part of the waredrobe, because you can't do without them. It is so cool when in the closet all things are neatly hung. In the dressing room is clean and beautiful, clothes - not wrinkled, which means your kids will always look very neat. Isn't that what every mom dreams of?    

YokoTower Trempels for kids are practically no different from adult shoulder pads, they have exactly the same requirements. They are strong and wear-resistant, well polished so as not to harm children's hands and clothes. The only difference is the size and weight. Baby's hangers are ideal for small clothes and are practically weightless. Excellent quality and interesting design - these are the distinctive qualities of YokoTower wood hangers. They are made of durable birch plywood. And their attractive appearance and minimalist design will definitely appeal to those who like everything to be authentic and mega-stylish! 

They will freshen up your kids' closet

YokoTower currently has three different types of baby trembles in its range, so you're sure to find the best fit. They are sold in sets of 5 and 7 pics. And the lead times are only 2-3 weeks.

Wooden Hangers "Classic" - is a hangers without a bar, which will be perfect for storing T-shirts, sweatshirts, dressy dresses, classic shirts and various children's outerwear. You will be able to place only one item per rack, which is the ideal Montessori system and very convenient for babies. 

Wood Hangers "Week Days" is suitable for those who like to plan their looks in advance. The trembles have the names of the days of the week on them and have a crossbar, which will allow the child to place all the necessary items for a complete outfit on them. Compose your clothes in sets for each day - it will make your morning packing easier and gradually build up your child's sense of his own style. 

Wood Hangers "Bunny" have a mischievous look, as these funny bunny ears are sure to cheer up your little ones. They harmonize wonderfully with our Wardrobe “Bunny”and if you have such a closet, then you should choose these hangers, because together it will look very effective! These hampers also have the names of the days of the week on them, and on your individual request, we can show the names of your little ones instead. Named trempels are ideal for families with more than one child. 

Why buy Yoko Tower wooden hangers

There is a perception that any kind of trembler is suitable for baby clothes, but this is not true! It is better not to look at the hangers from the economy segment at all. As a rule, they are made of low-quality cheap materials. Thin metal or plastic hangers are very inconvenient, they often break and quickly sag. Do not rely on the fact that children's things are quite light and the load on the trembles will be insignificant. Do not forget that they are designed for babies, which means that they will often fall and be subjected to daily tests in the hands of children! Wooden trembles are more reliable in this respect, but there are heavy enough massive versions, which are not suitable for use in children's closet. 

We've created shoulder pads that are as lightweight and sturdy as possible, which are perfect for kids. YokoTower wooden hangers have many advantages. Here are the most key ones: 

1. Hangers are very compact in size, which makes it easy to store things comfortably, because they take up minimal space in your closet. 

2. YokoTower Trempels are reliable and durable, because they are made of high quality birch plywood. They are hypoallergenic and absolutely safe for babies' health 

3. Wooden hangers are sturdy, yet very lightweight. Our wooden trompe l'oeil is the most convenient to use for children, which ensures that the child will be able to hang up his clothes without much difficulty independently

4. Stylish minimalist design will fit perfectly into any closet. Both kids and parents will love them.

5. Simple and easy to clean. Just wipe them dry or slightly damp with a soft cloth from dust and they will always be clean, keeping their pristine appearance!

Many parents already know that by using clothes storage, the child learns not only to keep order in his closet, but also develops logical thinking, constantly sharpening his skills in sorting things. Daily hanging clothes on the trempeli is a fascinating and mega useful activity for kids, because they develop their fine motor skills. Children show independence, learn neatness. Be sure, such a careful attitude to the ritual with clothes will be fixed in them for life. Isn't it great? Combining aesthetics with utility in raising children is the right way to go. YokoTower knows it all!

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