Yoko Tower's top seller. What do our customers think about it?

Yoko Tower's top seller. What do our customers think about it?

Are you also wondering which of the Yoko Tower products is leading the list of the most popular and in demand among our customers?

Let's not keep the intrigue for long, because we think it's just obvious! Of course, it's the unique Learning Towers. Our first creation, which has been the most popular product for many years! 

We understand exactly why all customers are particularly interested in our Torre Regolabile and Torre Trasformabile. After all, it is really an indispensable device for the all-round development of active and curious kids. Yoko Tower is the best companion of a child on the way to self-development. Many parents who are already well acquainted with our products and have Yoko Tower Learning Towers in their home, simply cannot imagine their children's life without them. And all because they have become a kind of springboard for their children to rapid sensory improvement, development of fine motor skills and coordination of movements.  

It's true, thanks to our Montessori Towers babies develop faster and more fully, become independent and do not require help from adults to do basic household chores. Learning Towers stimulate children to take action, learn about the world around them and explore new things. 

Just listen to what our customers say about our Learning Towers!

Maria Stella, mom of two girls:

  • "I randomly discovered Yoko Tower online while searching for Montessori towers for my 'big' one. I bought a Montessori tower with a chalkboard and two Montessori bookshelves, and I've been very happy with them. The materials are excellent, and after two years, they're still in good condition, and my daughters use them a lot. I chose these products because I like the Montessori pedagogy, although unfortunately, I don't know it very well, but I like to follow its idea of autonomy in children, and I see the benefits. The products I bought met my expectations fully, even more so. I would like to buy the Montessori bed, the Montessori wardrobe, and Pikler triangles with accessories - basically everything. Oh, I forgot one essential thing - we also have the wooden letter and geometric shape toys, excellent for the girls' learning. We play various games with them; they're really beautiful, well-made, and very useful for learning."

Noemi, mom of two girls:

  • "I try to encourage my little one in her daily activities by giving her the opportunity to experiment on her own, interacting directly with her surroundings and also with us and our activities. We love the tower for its versatility. Yoko Tower has solid products, and I appreciate the craftsmanship and the materials different from the industrial productions we are used to - I also find the quality-price ratio very good. In addition to the tower, we also have the Yoko Tower Tent Bed and Small Bookshelf. We want to buy more Chairs and Triangle + Slide."

Alma, mom of Eric, 4 years old:

  • "I wanted him to do many things independently, such as brushing his teeth, exploring the kitchen while I prepared meals, playing, coloring, etc. Then the integrated chalkboard was the top; my child draws and writes with colored chalk. Your product definitely exceeded my expectations. Yoko Tower has high quality. We will definitely buy other Coat Racks and Bookshelves."

Sharon Bagorda, mom of Penelope and Brando:

  • "The product fully met my expectations of use, helping my daughter approach the world of mom and dad and be able to experiment. In addition to the convenient use of a table/chair combo. Yoko Tower has excellent quality and design, a solid and well-made structure."


  • "I chose the Montessori Tower because I believe it allows children to be part of family activities, encouraging shared experiences and bonds. I also bought your Montessori wardrobe because with its open design and child-height, it allows children to independently choose their clothes, encouraging a sense of responsibility! Yoko Tower has excellent products, made of durable and lightweight materials... but the beautiful thing is that they can also be personalized with the child's name. I bought the Yokotover and the Montessori Wardrobe because when I bought my Montessori bed, you didn't produce it yet, otherwise, I would have bought that from you too. I'm looking forward to many new products!"

These testimonials show that Yoko Tower's Learning Towers are highly valued by parents for their quality, functionality, and contribution to their children's development.

Already hundreds of moms all over Italy have appreciated the virtues of Yoko Tower Learning Towers.  And we are truly happy that our products are helping children. Yoko Tower is committed to making only the highest quality and perfect furniture products for babies. We are constantly working on our assortment to please you with new products as often as possible. 

If you still do not have our Montessorrian Towers yet, do not hesitate!  To buy a Learning Tower you only need to do a few simple steps. Go to the catalog and select the Torre Regolabile and Torre Trasformabile sections. Fill out the form, pay by any convenient way and soon expect delivery. 

Go ahead, your child will thank you. Yoko Tower Learning Towers are a worthwhile investment in your children's development!

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