Growing with your child

Growing with your child

The Montessorri Adjustable Learning Tower is a worthwhile investment for parents. Have any doubts about it? The Torre Regolabile from Yoko Tower is the perfect furniture to help your child learn new skills and grow with them for years to come. 

Yoko Tower's unique adjustable tower meets the highest standards and requirements that parents could have for children's furniture. It has 3 levels of height, so it effortlessly adapts to the height of your child, taking into account his individual characteristics. You will only need to move the platform to the required height, and the Tower will literally grow with your baby. It is safe, ergonomic, comfortable and in a word - ideal for your children. In addition, our tower has one additional step, so that it was more convenient for the child to climb on the structure and a built-in drawing board, which will be especially liked by kids.

Now on the market of children's furniture a lot of companies that produce similar Montesorian furniture. But not every model meets the necessary requirements. And Torre Regolabile from Yoko Tower has a lot of pluses that parents should know when choosing furniture designs for their children. 

So why should you buy our Tower?

The answer lies in its five main advantages:

1. safety

Adjustable Learning Tower by Yoko Tower is a strong and sturdy structure, handcrafted from quality and durable wood. It has proper balance and is resistant to tipping. Its stable wooden frame with side railings is carefully sanded.  The adjustable platform is securely fixed.  Our towers-Montessorri are coated with non-toxic paint materials certified for children, which means they are completely hypoallergenic. 

2. Comfort

The ergonomics of the tower are top-notch. A moderately compact design and as spacious as possible for the little ones, in which they do not feel constrained. Comfortable and practical. All corners are rounded, so you won't find a single sharp and injury-prone element.  

3. Versatility

Adjustable Learning Tower is furniture that grows with your baby, and the use of quality materials ensures that it will last as long as possible. Convenient for use in the kitchen, restroom, bathroom, children's bedroom. It is mobile enough, so you can easily take it to the summer terrace and garden, take it with you on trips. In addition, it can be fully used as an easel, where the child will be happy to draw his most colorful pictures. 

 4. Operation

The operation of the adjustable Yoko tower is extremely simple, even a child can handle its adjustment. The platform moves freely and easily in seconds. You don't even need a manual. Everything is simpler than you could imagine! You won't have any problems with assembly, either - rest assured. 

5. Handmade

All Yoko Tower products are made only by hand and this Tower model is no exception. Buying our products, you can always be a hundred percent sure of reliability. Only natural wood, good fittings, ecological paint and varnish materials, original design. We guarantee the quality and durability of each of our products with proper operation! 

Yoko Tower

Yoko Tower is furniture for functional and beautiful filling the space of children's room! To create coziness, comfort and uniqueness in the house with us is always easy and simple!

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