Wishlist for Christmas

Wishlist for Christmas

What a miracle the geniuses who came up with the idea of compiling vishlists for the holidays have done! It is unrealistically convenient, agree. Having a list of desires of a person, you can easily choose a gift for him, which is sure to please him. And if you make such a Wishlist yourself, you will save yourself from unnecessary presents and get exactly what you really need for the holiday. If you have never tried to make a holiday Wishlist before, we heartily advise you to do it with us this Christmas.  

What is a Wishlist and how do I use it?

Making a holiday Wishlist is a relatively new tradition that has been gaining popularity in recent years. A Wishlist is literally a list of desired gifts that its author would like to receive. Yes, you all thought right, it is something similar to our letters we used to write as children to Babbo Natale. You can make your list of desired gifts in different ways. For example, make it on shopping sites that support this initiative, such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay, Ets. Also, many official sites now have this function. But if you want to make a Wishlist of various gifts, there are special applications for this purpose, where links and notes to the desired products are saved. And you can take a very simple way and publish the list on the eve of the holiday in your social networks. Or even easier - using all your imagination, make a Wishlist on paper and send it together with the invitation to the holiday.

Just think how clear and simple it is. You make a list of desired gifts and guaranteed to get to the holiday only that you are really interesting and necessary. And there will be no more template gifts and unnecessary things, and these endless questions from guests about what to give you. Yes, of course, this trend has its disadvantages. You a priori will be deprived of the feeling of surprise and the effect of surprise, but agree, it is quite tolerable. Besides, in order not to deprive yourself of such emotions, you can send wishlists not to all guests, for example!   

How to make a Wishlist

First of all, you should decide for whom they are addressed. They can be different. For example, one for relatives and another for friends and colleagues. In the list of desired gifts include only what will really bring you joy and exclude what you can buy yourself. Do not be afraid to include expensive goods in the list, because the concept of an acceptable amount of money for a gift - very subjective. Even such items as a master class on cooking pizza, a trip to the museum, a certificate for a purchase in a certain store, etc. will be quite appropriate. Write whatever you think is appropriate!

Wishlist by YokoTower

Very often moms make similar Wishlists and for relatives who do not know what else but toys to give children for the holidays. After all, sometimes you want to give a gift that will not only please the child, but will also be useful for him in everyday life, and for his development. We know how much you love YokoTower products, so we've decided to help you put together some useful gifts for your children this Christmas.

So, what can be included in your wish list for your little one:

1. If you still don't have our unique Montessorri Tower, it should definitely be the first one on your Wishlist. After all, it is with its help that you will train your child to do things he is capable of doing on his own. It will make him more confident and bring a sense of individuality to him

2. Arch Montessori Stella is a real find for active children. Multifunctional Montessorri-attribute, which will serve as a cradle, swing and sports equipment at the same time.

3. Tent Wigwam - the perfect little house that all children dream of. Own cozy place, which will please the baby for many years

4.  Bookshelf Montessori - the perfect shelving unit for books, which will fit perfectly into the interior of any children's room. If your child loves to read books, they will definitely appreciate having their own personal library

5. Alfabet - the most useful toy for smart kids. With our magical wooden letters you will learn the alphabet much faster and teach your baby to read.

6. Geometric Shapes, Puzzle Tetris - sets of wooden toys that help in teaching geometry and spatial perception, develop creative and logical abilities of your child.   

How do you like such a wish list? Both interesting and useful at the same time! We think that your child and you will definitely be delighted with such gifts. So feel free to include these items in your wishlist this Christmas

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