Decorating the nursery

Decorating the nursery

The most magical period of the year has started! Preparations for Christmas are in full swing and now is the time to think about how to create a real fairy tale in the house. After all, all children expect miracles at Christmas and the task of all parents is to give them these unforgettable emotions. Perhaps you have already even put the Christmas tree, decorated your home, and thinking about how to decorate the room of your child. You haven't forgotten about it, have you? It's out of the question! Decorate the nursery is definitely necessary, because you remember that the room of the child - this is his unique world! If you don't know where to start, then Yoko Tower will help you turn an ordinary nursery into a magical one.

To truly create a real Christmas fairy tale in your child's room, all you need to do is to bring elements of magic into the everyday interior. No, just traditional decorations will not be enough if you want your little one to believe in Christmas magic for as long as possible. It is not difficult at all to create miracles, and if you involve your children in this exciting activity, you will be guaranteed a great mood. Most likely your children will not have to beg you to help you decorate the room. Believe me, as soon as you rustle up the Christmas tinsel, the helpers will find themselves!

You can't do without a Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is probably the only traditional Christmas attribute that you can't do without. An important point - do not put in the nursery huge Christmas trees, so as not to take up a lot of space. Enough of a small Christmas tree, which is better to place somewhere in the corner of the room on surfaces, for example, on the table or dresser. So there will be more chances that it will not fall during active games. Do not decorate the tree with glass toys, electric garlands. Use better decorations made of soft and natural materials. Perfectly fit stuffed balls of fabric, cardboard figures, knitted pendants, snowflakes and garlands made of paper, natural cones, tinsel. You can also hang on the branches of the tree candy and even gingerbread.   

Create together

If your child loves creativity, and you are also a creative person, then together you can create a real fairy tale in the room. Make beautiful garlands with snowmen and Christmas trees out of paper. Make beautiful wreaths from safe materials. Draw pictures on winter and Christmas themes, they will freshen up the room. If you do not feel the urge to create and have absolutely never done anything like this, then we still advise you to try to make some decorations together with your own hands. Draw ideas from the Internet, use all kinds of video tutorials on making jewelry and you will definitely succeed. After all, joint labor will only strengthen your relationship, you will become even closer.  Such moments are often more important than even the most expensive gifts.

Decorating walls, doors and windows

Yes, at Christmas time in the child's room should be bright and festive. Decorate everything that your imagination allows. Walls can be decorated with applications, thematic stickers, if the wall finish allows it. If not, then use special fixtures that do not spoil the surface or place decor on the front door, cabinet doors or other furniture. You can hang glowing garlands, only preferably higher up - out of reach of children's hands.  

If there are paintings in the room, change them to more holiday-appropriate ones so that Christmas motifs are seen throughout.  Even collages of Christmas family photos and cards, themed drawings of your child can be used as festive pictures.

And how can you do without drawings on the windows, which are so adored by all children. Use special washable paints and depict everything you associate with Christmas, stick stickers or transfers. Any decor on the windows always looks smart and interesting.

Christmas textiles

An incredible and colorful atmosphere for the holidays can also be created with the help of textiles. Your child will go wild with brightly colored Christmas-themed bedding. Add more Christmas boots for gifts, warm themed plaid, pillows in the form of Christmas trees, Babbo Natale, snowflakes, reindeer and you will already bring a touch of magic to the room. And if also his favorite toys dressed up in winter clothes with scarves, hats and caps, then success is guaranteed.

That's how, with just a little effort, you can create a real fairy tale in the children's room. And Yoko Tower has some more great ideas on how our products can be made magical. Interested? Then stay tuned to our website for updates.

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