Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming

The Christmas extravaganza is just around the corner! The most beloved, long-awaited and revered holiday of the year, a period that is always awaited with great anticipation by children and adults alike. Preparations are already in full swing. Streets and houses shine with Christmas lights, Christmas trees decorate the squares. And if you have not yet started preparing, now is the time. We must hurry!

Christmas is steadily approaching and there is less and less time for preparation every day, and there is so much to do. If you don't know where to start, we are ready to give you some good ideas that will help you create a super festive atmosphere.

Natale con tuoi, Capodanno con chi vuoi

The modern world forces us to live in a fast pace, and we sometimes have little time to communicate with our closest people. That is why Christmas days should be devoted to family!  Absolutely all relatives on this day should gather at a huge festive table, because only in this way you can fully relax, distracted from work, everyday worries and problems, fully feel the festive mood. Think through the menu of a festive family dinner, taking into account the taste preferences of your relatives.  And don't forget about traditional treats.

Decorate your home

Nothing enhances the Christmas atmosphere like festive decor. Let your imagination run wild and create magic in your home. Create your own creche, paint the windows, put different figures around the house, make beautiful compositions with candles. Bring Christmas notes into your everyday interior. Decorate everything with garlands, let everything around shine and shimmer. And, of course, do not forget about the Christmas tree. We're sure everyone has already put it up! We hope you have taken into account that this year the tree should be especially exquisite. The host of the coming year, the Green Wood Dragon, loves luxury, so don't skimp on the decorations. Give preference to the color green, as well as red and gold. Be sure to use wooden dragon figurines in the decor.

Prepare gifts

Well, what holiday is there without gifts? And especially Christmas, when all children are waiting for Babbo Natale. Of course there should be a lot of them, everyone loves to receive them as well as to give them. Take care of gifts for your loved ones in advance, prepare now. Choose with a soul, trying to anticipate what they would like to receive as a gift at a family dinner. Perhaps it will please or surprise them, but it will definitely leave a lot of pleasant emotions and memories.

Christmas is the brightest and kindest holiday, when everything around radiates magic and we believe in miracles with all our souls! 

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