Yoko Tower: pros and cons when choosing wood!

Yoko Tower: pros and cons when choosing wood!

We considered many different types of wood when we chose the material for our Yoko Tower furniture. We knew a priori that we would definitely not use pine!  We chose maple, alder and birch.  Ask why? The answer is very simple - this wood is ideal for children's furniture constructions! Now we will discuss it in detail and at the same time tell why we refused to use solid pine.  

The best for children's furniture

Most of the leading experts in furniture production, and we among them, recommend using maple, birch and alder for children's furniture. These species are environmentally friendly, very durable, because they have a homogeneous structure, they are perfectly amenable to processing, have an interesting texture and a beautiful light color. Products made of this wood are almost scratch-proof and retain their original attractive appearance for a long time. 

Alder, for example, is considered a relatively hardy material and is absolutely equally suitable for both children's and any other furniture.  It is not susceptible to cracking if all recommendations for use are followed.  It is characterized by good moisture resistance, which is especially important for children's designs. Alder absolutely does not absorb any odors and is easy enough to process.

Birch is very massively used in the furniture industry, because it is perfectly amenable to processing, very strong, is famous for its special elasticity, has an unrealistically beautiful texture and a wide range of natural light colors.  Properly dried birch wood always acquires incredible smoothness, beautiful matte luster and in terms of effect is absolutely not inferior to beech and even more noble oak! Birch wood perfectly preserves and accumulates heat, has antifungal and bactericidal properties, and radiates a powerful positive energy.  Birch wood is an ideal and probably one of the best materials for children's furniture, and it is also an advanced raw material for the manufacture of lamellas. 

As for maple, it is considered one of the most valuable species of wood, because although it has a medium density, but very hard, ductile, strong on the bend, weakly susceptible to warping and quite wear-resistant when properly processed! Also importantly, maple wood is less susceptible to fungal disease than the same beech or pine. Maple wood furniture is the best combination of price and quality! It is in the middle price range, and in quality and durability is absolutely not inferior to products made of walnut and oak.

Pine wood is a Yoko Tower taboo!

Pine furniture products are in demand in the market. It is impossible not to agree that it is a good enough wood and many products look very colorful in the interior, but we sincerely believe that pine is not the best option for making children's furniture! 

Firstly, pine wood belongs to soft woods, which means that products made of this material are not able to withstand increased loads and can be dangerous when used in a child's room. Also pine contains a lot of resins, which are distributed in its veins unevenly, forming huge resin pockets. The structure of wood is heterogeneous, which means that it is subject to cracking when drying out and deformation under mechanical impact! These facts can not accurately describe why we believe that pine wood has low performance characteristics and is not suitable for the production of furniture for children. 

So, let's highlight the obvious reasons why YokoTower does not use pine wood: 

1. At mechanical impact and excessive loads on the products appear scratches, cracks, chips or furniture may become unusable at all

2. On the furniture can act resin. And although it is considered absolutely safe for children, constantly get dirty about it is not pleasant.  And this eternal stickiness on the surface of the furniture will cause great discomfort to both the baby and you

3. Because of the heterogeneous structure of wood products made of pine often darken, and absolutely unevenly, which significantly spoils the aesthetic appearance of furniture.

Wear resistance, durability and appearance of furniture always depends directly on what kind of wood was chosen by the manufacturer for manufacturing and how well it is processed. For children's furniture are suitable only noble species and those that abound in dignity. 

YokoTower always chooses only reliable quality materials to make the best furniture designs for your children!

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