What furniture should definitely not be bought!?

What furniture should definitely not be bought!?

We have already talked a lot about what the ideal furniture for children should be. Surely, absolutely everyone understands that such products must be durable, safe and environmentally friendly. But how to visually immediately realize that this furniture is not suitable for you? In truth, there are several important aspects by which you can easily determine this! 

Furnishing a child's room is sometimes not as easy as it may seem at first glance. But it is a doable task if you know exactly how to pick the perfect furniture for your baby. It is important that the furniture in the room is not only beautiful to look, but also was environmentally friendly, safe and functional. You may be surprised, but low-quality furniture can be seen with the naked eye. It is easy to visually identify it by several characteristic features.  

What are the shortcomings of furniture should pay attention to at the first inspection:

1. Sharp, pronounced odor of chemicals 

Believe me, you can't go wrong! Quality wooden furniture always exudes a fresh woody aroma. If, however, when you are near the structure, you smell a persistent pungent odor of glue, paint and other acrid stench, then this model is clearly not suitable for use!

2. Large uneven gaps at the joints of the parts

Joints should never have gaps, damage, or even glue residue. Tight, strong joints are the key to beauty, functionality and durability. 

3. Rough surface, scratches, dents

Good-quality furniture sanding is one of the main indicators of quality wood finishing. The surface of the products should be smooth and even, without any burrs, dents, scratches and roughness. This can be easily determined by running your hand over the surface of the furniture. It is excellent if you do not feel rough areas that inhibit the sliding of your hand. For example, after improper sanding across the grain of the wood, dark lines or scratches that cover the entire surface will be visible on the piece. In addition, if the wood has been sanded incorrectly, it will no longer be possible to color evenly. 

4. Glue, varnish and paint leaks

Regardless of the type of coloring, whether glossy or matte, the surface visually should be uniform. On quality furniture there is no room for glue, varnish and paint leaks, no darkened or discolored areas. Perfect staining always emphasizes the natural beauty of wood, adding richness and highlighting its natural unique texture. Remember that a quality wood treatment protects your products from external influences, preventing cracking on the surface. 

5. Cheap fittings 

If the manufacturer saves on fittings, his products will not last long! After all, it is from the quality of furniture fittings directly depends on the strength, safety, comfort and duration of operation of future constructions. Expensive high-quality fittings always look more aesthetic in contrast to cheap. This is noticeable immediately and is due to the fact that more durable materials are used, which can be easily distinguished by the external finish.  Furniture assembled on cheap fittings will never function easily and smoothly without creaks and special efforts.

6. Lack of certificates of compliance with technical and environmental standards

It seems to us that there is nothing to explain here. Everyone is well aware that quality certificates must be present and, if necessary, you are obliged to have them for review!  

Now, knowing these 6 important aspects, you can easily determine the quality of the selected furniture yourself. And if at least one of the points is present, you should refrain from buying! 

The childhood of your children will fly by quickly and will never be repeated. Therefore, try, if possible, to do everything perfectly, so that then do not regret!

Give your children the opportunity to live in a safe and beautiful room!

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