Modern alternative to the usual gifts!

Modern alternative to the usual gifts!

You were invited to a children's party and you are at a complete loss, because you do not know what to give the little birthday boy?

We agree, choosing a good gift for a baby will be quite a challenge, especially for those who have no idea about the needs of young children. Traditional toys, clothes and even more so money in an envelope - it's very trivial! This is definitely not something that will please the birthday boy or surprise his parents. But Yoko Tower has a great solution - our Gift cards! 

Everything is very simple, convenient and very modern! Your gift is sure to please and be useful for the kid, as the parents will choose it themselves from our assortment!

Benefits of the Yoko Tower Gift Card 

Gift card is rapidly gaining momentum in the modern world, because it is the most convenient for everyone. A person who has to choose a worthy gift saves himself from exhausting shopping trips in search of something useful and original. And the birthday boy gets a unique opportunity - to choose a gift himself for the allotted amount, and it is megapractical, because the gift will definitely be appropriate and useful for him. 

Yoko Tower Gift card has a huge number of advantages over traditional gifts. Let's highlight the main ones:

1. The versatility of the gift is one hundred percent, there is no doubt about it. When receiving a Gift card, the birthday boy or girl chooses what is more important and relevant to him or her at the moment. Using Yoko Tower gift card, it is guaranteed that there will be no more template presents, unnecessary things, and these endless discussions about what to give. 

2. Maximum convenience for everyone. The recipient independently determines the time, according to the allotted period, to use the card. And the one who gives the card saves his nerves and time for shopping. 

3. Gift card is quite an original gift. For many it is still a novelty, so surprise and the brightest emotions are guaranteed. 

4. The mobility of these gift cards is incomparable to any other presentation.  Cards exist as physical, which you can hand to the birthday boy yourself, as well as there is a variant of "digital", which will come to your e-mail. That is, being in any part of the world, you can make a pleasant surprise to your loved ones! 

5. Such a gift will always be for you at an affordable price, because you choose the nominal value of the gift card. 

Yoko Tower gift card options and delivery methods

There are currently two types of Yoko Tower Gift cards available to order on our website. The cards can be either digital or physical. The digital option is suitable for those who honor the sustainable use of natural resources. Such a certificate is sent to the recipient's email to avoid the expense of paper and packaging materials. The physical Yoko Tower card is suitable for those who wish to present it in person or send the certificate to the birthday child by mail. This will create a festive atmosphere and the same effect as receiving a traditional gift. Also in the comments to the order you can specify your personal greeting, which we will be very pleased to attach to an e-mail or send in the form of a greeting card to the address specified by you together with the certificate.  

Yoko Tower Gift cards have a very original appearance. They are made in eco-style. Have you seen such anywhere else? Our cards are made of wood! You can definitely surprise the recipients with such cards. They are available in denomination of 30 euro, 50 euro, 100 euro, 150 euro, 200 euro, 300 euro.

Design and rules of use

Yoko Tower Gift card is very simple and convenient. It is easy to issue in minutes and can be used at any time you want. To place an order for a gift card you only need to choose the option and the cost of the certificate, as well as the method of its delivery to the birthday boy. Follow the prompts on the site and the purchase will not take much time. If at registration you have any difficulties, then contact us and we will definitely help you with the order!

To use the received gift certificate is enough just contact us. Everything is very simple! It can be exchanged within a year from the date of receipt. On Yoko Tower Gift card you will be able to choose any favorite product from the assortment of our store for the allotted amount.

A gift is a sign of special attention to the person it is intended for. It is an indicator of your reverent attitude, so try to choose gifts correctly. And Yoko Tower will definitely help you with great pleasure! Use our gift cards, with them it is always easier to make pleasant things for your loved ones!

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