Metal or wooden? What kind of children's bed to choose!

Metal or wooden? What kind of children's bed to choose!

The bed is the main attribute of a child's room, the choice of which should be carefully considered. To buy a bed should be approached with maximum responsibility, because the healthy development of the child directly depends on the organization of his sleep. Modern furniture market offers a lot of variations and furniture design trends are constantly changing rapidly. But the competition between the two materials remains unchanged. As you have already guessed - it is metal and wood.  Which one is more practical and durable? Here everyone chooses for himself! And today we will try to objectively assess the advantages and disadvantages of wooden and metal children's beds.  

Wooden cribs. Pros and cons

Furniture made of natural wood always creates coziness and comfort in the house, looks stylish and fits perfectly into any interior. Will last for decades, and will still be in trend, because wood is a classic! Such products are durable, environmentally friendly, not harmful to health, favorably affect the physical and emotional well-being of the child. Wood is the only furniture material that can "breathe", which is why wooden furniture is often called "living".  For the manufacture of wooden furniture use hard, medium and soft species of wood. The most popular are products made of oak, beech, birch, ash, alder, walnut and pine. They have their specific natural pattern and differ in density.

Significant advantages of wooden furniture:

1. Safety and durability.

Wooden furniture is very sturdy and reliable. It will serve you for many years without losing its aesthetic and consumer qualities.   

2. Naturalness and environmental friendliness.

Wood is the most ecological and hypoallergenic material on Earth, which favorably affects the energy of the house. Wooden furniture contributes to a good mood, healthy sleep and good emotional background. Thanks to its natural properties, wood furniture can significantly improve the microclimate in the bedroom by releasing phytoncides and beneficial essential oils.

3. Easy to maintain.

It is absolutely easy to preserve the original look, texture and color of wooden furniture. You will not have to constantly spend money on dry cleaning and calling specialists. It is enough to wipe the wood furniture from dust with a clean damp cloth made of soft fabric.  

4. Versatility.

Furniture structures made of natural wood will never lose their importance. They are constantly in trend, and a competent designer without much difficulty can always beautifully and appropriately play them in different interior solutions and styles.

5. Style and presentability.

Wooden furniture is always stylish, especially if it is handmade. The beauty of the natural pattern emphasizes the status of the owner, and also speaks of his excellent taste.

Speaking of the disadvantages of wooden furniture, it should be noted that wood has a high hygroscopicity. Therefore, when operating it is necessary to minimize temperature fluctuations and provide an average level of humidity. Also do not place wooden furniture near heating devices, because this can lead to drying out of the array and the appearance of cracks. We can not fail to mention that furniture made of soft wood is weakly resistant to the formation of scratches and dents under mechanical impact. And products from harder hard hardwoods have a significant weight.

Metal bed. Pros and cons

Furniture made of metal is very popular. It is strong and durable, quite spectacular and original looks in the interior, if appropriate. Metal furniture products visually always seem light and weightless, and thin decorative decorations make the design of beds refined. It is also worth noting that metal is a heat-resistant material, and modern fireproof paints allow you to completely eliminate the possibility of catching fire of such furniture. We can not disagree, but metal beds are very safe, compared to wooden beds in this regard.

And this, perhaps, is their main advantage.  But in terms of comfort, strength and durability, metal furniture is still inferior to wooden furniture, although it has enough pluses.

Positive qualities of metal furniture:

1. Strength and durability.

Metal products can serve for a long time. Can withstand quite serious loads. They can be used in rooms with high levels of humidity, and thanks to modern technology products do not succumb to corrosion. Collapsible furniture easily tolerates transportation, numerical rearrangements.

2. Environmental friendliness and safety.

Modern furniture made of metal is absolutely not afraid of fire. Completely non-toxic and safe for people. In addition, it is not susceptible to attack by insects that could violate the integrity of the furniture.

3. Ease of maintenance.

Metal furniture is unrealistically easy to maintain.  It can be washed, cleaned, sanitized even every day. And even if the furniture loses its aesthetic appearance, it can be repaired and repainted to restore the original look.  

4. Original design.

Metal as a material for furniture products - a real boon for the designer, because the furniture can be given any shape due to the plasticity of metal. Such metal beds look incomparable in bedrooms made in the style of High-tech and Provence.

And now a little about the disadvantages! Initially, it is worth noting that metal furniture is quite specific and to many it seems rough. And since most of the furniture elements in the bedroom will be wooden, a bed made of metal can look ridiculous and alien in the room. Metal is a material with a cold surface, which may well make it uncomfortable to use. In addition, it is very hard, which can lead to injuries, abrasions and bruises in a minor collision. That's why a metal bed is not the best solution for a child's room, as mobile kids will be exposed to increased traumatism. Also beds made of metal are much heavier, which can lead to damage to the flooring and complicate transportation, if the bed is collapsible. Well, one more important fact for those who have a smart room and you plan to store things in the niches under the bed. Unfortunately, there are very few models in the range of metal beds equipped with such a retractable or liftable storage system.

Finally, we would like to note that the winner in this objective comparison everyone will choose for themselves! But Yoko Tower specialists are sure that wooden furniture in any design has a positive effect on human energy, especially if it is completely handmade! Wood is a durable and tactilely pleasant material that breathes and makes your interior alive. And sleeping in such a bed will give your children only positive feelings. We know it for sure!

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