Lasts a long time

Lasts a long time

If you want your children's furniture to retain its original look, texture, colour and longevity, it is not enough to just take care of it! Natural wood furniture requires special care. These are not complicated operations that will guarantee the longevity of your furniture. Today we are going to reveal to you the little secrets of caring for Yoko Tower products in order to prolong their life.

Yoko Tower uses only high quality natural wood to make its children's furniture. Depending on the model, it can be simply sanded or coated with products certified for children's toys. Our products are a priori reliable and durable, but to keep them looking beautiful and well cared for, they need proper care!   

The most vulnerable point of natural wood furniture is its hygroscopicity, so when using wooden products it is important to ensure that the room climate is suitable. It is important to minimise temperature fluctuations and maintain an average level of humidity. It is also not advisable to place wooden furniture close to radiators. It is acceptable to place wooden structures at least one metre away from them. This will prevent your furniture from swelling, warping and cracking if it dries out too much. 

Keeping your Yoko Tower furniture clean is not difficult! It is advisable to wipe the surfaces regularly with a soft cloth to remove dust. It is better to wipe sanded surfaces with a woolly, fleecy cloth. You can even dry-clean with a vacuum cleaner, using a soft attachment so as not to damage the wood. Once a month it is acceptable to wet clean the furniture by wiping it with a damp cloth and then immediately wiping it dry. If your furniture is very dirty, which is normal for children's products, you should clean it more thoroughly. Use a sponge and soapy water to remove stains, but don't forget to remove excess moisture at the end of the cleaning process.

There are now a huge number of great vegan cleaning products for cleaning, disinfecting and maintaining wooden furniture. And we strongly advise against using harsh chemical cleaners and abrasive pastes that can ruin your furniture. Use only proven, specialist products that have been formulated with furniture wood in mind and are suitable for the type of finish on your furniture.

Wooden furniture is the right choice when decorating a nursery. It is always cosy, comfortable and stylish. It is environmentally friendly and durable. However, in order to stay new for as long as possible, wooden products need constant care and maintenance. It is important to remember just two main components that can extend the life of furniture indefinitely - cleanliness and the right maintenance conditions. Follow our recommendations and you will enjoy your Yoko Tower furniture for years to come!

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