How it's made

How it's made

When parents choose furniture for their children, they always ask the same question - how is it made and is it safe? And rightly so, because such a conscious approach is the key to success. Today Yoko Tower will open the veil a little, we will tell you what we are guided in the production of products. We truly believe they are durable and environmentally friendly. So, are you ready to find out how our furniture is made?

Many of our customers are already convinced that during the design and manufacture of furniture, Yoko Tower values above all safety, environmental friendliness and ergonomics, quality of workmanship, comfort. Following these immutable postulates, we create furniture for the most precious creatures on Earth - children. We can be trusted! It is said without exaggeration, because the children of our employees are among the first to test furniture from Yoko Tower.

Safety and sustainability

These two fundamental elements are always at the forefront of our work. Children's furniture must first of all be reliable and sturdy to withstand even heavy loads. That is why we work only with quality certified wood, which is difficult to damage mechanically during active games. This guarantees durability in use and excludes cracks and scratches. Yoko Tower does not use toxic paint materials, but works with EN71, which is certified for children's toys. As for the textiles, we favor certified natural fabrics and are usually 100 percent cotton. For padding of pads and mattresses we use hypoallergenic breathable polyester pressed fiber.  

When working on sketches, we take into account all the nuances so that future designs have proper balance and resistance to tipping, which makes them reliable when used in children's rooms. Our furniture has no sharp corners, decorative glass inserts or any elements that can be traumatizing. All surfaces are carefully sanded.

Ergonomics and comfort

All our furniture is quite ergonomic, because we design it, taking into account the physiological characteristics of children and always indicate what age it is designed for. Also be sure to inform about the maximum allowable load, which can withstand our products. This is undoubtedly important, because only correctly selected furniture for age will be comfortable and convenient for your child in use. All Yoko Tower designs are sure to have a comfortable height for children. The furniture is spacious so that inside the kids do not feel constrained, can easily maneuver and turn. Also some of our models are adjustable, so that you can adjust it yourself according to your personal individual parameters.

We try to think through everything down to the smallest detail, so we have taken into account that if you will use our furniture not only indoors, that all components are easy to clean and wash, as well as quickly dry after washing.

Quality craftsmanship

YokoTower is careful to protect your comfort and safety, we care about our image, so we will never send you a damaged or unusable product. Our furniture is made only by hand, so our experts make sure that it is made perfectly, without flaws. Yoko Tower products are delivered disassembled, but you can easily assemble them yourself. The kit includes all the necessary parts, screws, keys and instructions. But if you do have any difficulties, we will always respond and help you.

Another very important point is the compliance of our furniture with the Montessorri early development methodology. We are very close to the philosophy of the legendary Italian doctor and educator Maria Montessori. We are impressed by her approach to the education of children, which encourages them to learn about the world around them, to explore new things and to think for themselves. 

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