Everyone Should Be a Professional in Their Field!

Everyone Should Be a Professional in Their Field!

Why Our Beds Don't Come with Mattresses

All our Montessori beds for children are sold without mattresses, and we often get asked why. Yes, it would be convenient to buy everything together, but we have a simple explanation for this. Today, we’ll address this frequently asked question!

The Key to Children's Good Mood and Health

The secret to a child's good mood and health is quality sleep, which provides energy for the day ahead. Humans spend about a third of their lives sleeping. During sleep, the body rests both physically and mentally. The brain organizes knowledge, memories, and emotions accumulated throughout the day. Sleep regenerates muscles, recharges the body, and assimilates nutrients. If children are very active during the day but don’t get enough sleep, it can harm their mental health. It's crucial for parents to focus on the quality of their children's sleep. Moms and dads must ensure that their children’s sleep is healthy and proper. And to ensure a good night's rest for the little ones, not much is needed.

To guarantee your children have quality sleep, it's important to first choose the perfect bed with a sturdy frame, orthopedic base, strong slats, and practical design. Yoko Tower can guarantee this if you choose one of our bed models for your child. We create exclusively comfortable Montessori beds where children sleep peacefully. They are suitable for both boys and girls. The Teepee Bed will appeal to tepee lovers, while the House Bed is ideal for creative kids seeking individuality. Our beds come in two colors and various bed sizes. They are handcrafted from natural alder and maple wood, coated with non-toxic paint, making them highly hypoallergenic and safe for children. We guarantee the quality of our products because we are confident in their reliability!

Why Choose a Separate Mattress for Your Child's Bed

Another important factor for healthy and comfortable sleep is a good mattress. It’s essential to choose the one that best suits your child. Should it be orthopedic or anatomical, and what firmness is best? Moreover, there are different types of mattresses: spring, foam, latex, and hybrid. When buying a mattress for a child, it’s helpful to see it in person, touch it, and try it out before making a decision. This is probably the main reason why our beds are not sold with mattresses! The second reason is that, unfortunately, we don't produce mattresses ourselves, so we can't guarantee the high quality of other brands. Everyone should be a professional in their field! Yoko Tower specializes in producing high-quality, low-profile Montessori furniture for children, made from natural materials. It's best to purchase your child's mattress from a brand that is an expert in this field. Yoko Tower leaves this choice to you, as no one knows better than you which mattress is ideal for your child!


We want all children to sleep sweetly and comfortably in their favorite beds, for their bodies to rest at night so that they are always in a good mood and excellent health during the day. Their sleep must be of high quality and deep, only then will their health be in good shape. It’s scientifically proven that children who sleep well get sick less often!

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