Eliminate cosmetic defects on the furniture correctly!

Eliminate cosmetic defects on the furniture correctly! 

All furniture, regardless of quality and price is not immune to mechanical damage, such as cracks, scratches, chips. Naturally products made of more durable hardwood are less prone to defects, but everything can happen - it's a fact. And to eliminate minor flaws that spoil the appearance of furniture structures, you can do it yourself, the main thing - correctly, so as not to aggravate the condition of the already damaged wood!  We will tell you what is better to arm yourself with to fight small cosmetic defects on furniture made of natural wood!  

Do not worry, small scratches on your furniture, of course, can not significantly spoil the product and break the protective function of the coating, but affect its aesthetic appearance - yes. But deep scratches, cracks and chips should alert you, because even durable wooden products made of quality materials can deteriorate quickly enough, if through the defects deep into the wood will constantly get moisture, dust and other particles of dirt. Do not let this happen! Eliminate them as soon as possible - this will prolong the life of your furniture constructions. 

Of course, you can ask for help from specialists if you are talking about very valuable expensive antique pieces. When you have to get rid of a couple of light scratches on ordinary furniture, it is quite a feasible task for each of us, if you know just a few simple methods and apply them correctly!  So, let's get started. 

Use professional products!

Today in almost every furniture store you can find both specialized polishes to improve the appearance of wood products, and means to eliminate and disguise more serious defects on surfaces. If your furniture has minor surface scratches that can be eliminated simply by color correction, special wax pencils, furniture markers or strokes can paint over these defects.  They are quite easy to use, dry quickly and always do their job perfectly. The difficulty will be only to choose the right shade. If necessary, after shading, you can additionally cover the place of repair with a special varnish and it is better to use the one in the form of spray.

If your goal is deeper volume scratches and cracks, we advise you to buy furniture wax or mastic. Furniture repair wax comes in liquid and solid form. Liquid is easy to work with, it has a large palette of colors.  But if we talk about durability, solid wax in this respect is considered more reliable. With its help, you can eliminate even small dents. After applying wax, you should be sure to sand the surface. If on your furniture it is glossy, then grind more intensively to achieve a similar result, if matte - it will be enough to simply smooth out the roughness. 

What to do with serious deep dents and mechanical defects such as chips? You may be surprised, but for this ailment there is a remedy - different kinds of furniture putty and pastes, two-component polyester putty with a large palette for the texture of different wood, as well as innovative quick-drying thermal putty. Choose the one that is easiest for you to work with. If you decide to use ordinary white putty for furniture repair, then take into account that after repairing the damage, the surface will have to sand and paint with the same furniture markers and pencils that are listed above. And in this case, the color will need to choose a tone darker to achieve the desired shade of furniture on a white surface! 

Handy means to eliminate defects. 

On the vastness of the Internet you can find a lot of tips on the topic of masking small defects on the furniture with the help of simple improvised means. Among them and strong decoction of black tea, shoe polish, iodine and even walnuts.

They are quite effective, but we must realize that these are all temporary improvements that will only help visually hide scratches exclusively on dark stained wood, without leveling the surface. After a few wet cleanings, you will have to repeat these repair manipulations to hide the defects again.  Therefore, we are not sure that it is worth it if you want to get rid of defects once and for all! 

It is possible to disguise and eliminate small defects on your favorite furniture yourself. And, as you have already seen, it is not at all difficult, if you arm yourself and correctly select the necessary professional means.  Nothing is impossible when there is a great desire to achieve results! 

Keep an eye on the condition of your furniture, do not allow serious mechanical damage and in time set the defects that can harm the products. Only in this way the furniture in your home will always have pristine beauty and will last much longer than you !

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