Choosing the right wood!

Choosing the right wood!

Once you decide for yourself that it is more logical and correct to choose a bed made of natural wood for a child's room, then you will have a new dilemma - which solid wood is better? It is absolutely certain that any wood is the most environmentally friendly, a priori durable and absolutely safe material. But it is very easy for the average consumer to get confused in its diversity. So how to make the right choice! Today Yoko Tower will help you understand everything! Consider all the advantages and disadvantages of popular on the furniture market types of wood! 

Regardless of the change of fashion trends in the furniture market, products made of natural wood always occupy a leading position, because this furniture is durable, absolutely safe, always reliable, very durable, aesthetic and versatile! The main criteria that guide ordinary buyers when choosing - is the price of the product, as well as its operational and decorative capabilities. And they directly depend on each other, because the more textured and durable solid wood, the higher the cost of furniture! Therefore, therefore, in furniture production and distinguish three groups of wood, which differ significantly in density, which determines the price and its operational qualities! 

So, all furniture wood is divided into three groups:

- soft species (conifers, lime, aspen, alder);

- hard (beech, oak, birch, ash, maple, walnut);

- very hard (boxwood, hornbeam, yew).

Soft woods

Softwood furniture is very popular on the market. It has a low price, because soft woods are perfectly and easily processed, suitable for products of almost any configuration. Most softwoods are quite resistant to moisture, temperature fluctuations and rot. But it should be taken into account that furniture made of soft wood is subject to drying out, cracking and faster deformation, which means that it is not designed for heavy loads and with improper use and care can come in disrepair. 

Hard wood

Furniture made of hard wood is characterized by special wear resistance. It is reliable and durable, unpretentious in care. It is practically not deformed, is not afraid of mechanical influences and easily withstands serious loads. Such furniture always attracts the eyes, because the texture and shades of solid varieties are luxurious. These products are leaders in the furniture market. But there is a nuance - for example, the most durable material with very high performance characteristics, like oak, is quite difficult to process and color, and therefore oak furniture has a fairly high price. But products made of ash, beech, maple and birch are almost as good as oak in features, but much cheaper in price. 

Very hard varieties 

Furniture made of such varieties of wood is quite rare in mass furniture production. Such products are more often made to order, since all very hard wood species have a high density. Because of this, they are capricious, difficult to process and quite often there are difficulties in creating designs. 

All species of wood are admirable and most furniture makers try to select it correctly for their products, guided by the individual characteristics of a particular species. After all, something can always be perfect for making beds and closets, but for children's swings and sports facilities - absolutely not. 

To make a choice from the buyer's point of view is more correct, having learned those criteria of wood, which are personally important for you in operation.  Namely: density and strength, wear resistance, resistance to moisture, vulnerability to insects and rotting processes, texture and variety of natural colors, price. When you analyze in detail each of these points in turn, the answer to the choice of wood will become obvious!

Yoko Tower, of course, has its own preferences when it comes to wood selection. Our choice will always be in favor of natural quality solid wood, which guarantees the highest level of durability of the future construction. We use maple, birch and alder wood, which are ideal for children's furniture in terms of their physical and mechanical properties. Yoko Tower also has an unconditional TABU in the choice of wood! But we will talk about that in the next article. Stay tuned for our updates!

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