Black Furniture: Gloomy or Luxurious?

Black Furniture: Gloomy or Luxurious?

Our new Learning Towers in the black shades have stirred a lot of interest. These towers look incredibly fashionable, bold, and mature. While some may argue that black isn't the best choice for children's furniture, we think differently and believe that children's furniture in black is a touch of elegance and luxury.

Interior with Black Furniture

Black in the interior is not about mourning. Contrary to stereotypes, black furniture in your home will always emphasize your aristocracy and excellent taste. Yes, it should be used with caution, but when black furniture is styled correctly, your home will look amazing. Black is always deep and glamorous, luxurious and cozy, stylish and sophisticated. Many people are reluctant to consider black furniture, which is understandable because black has always been a bold choice. Especially for interiors, it is chosen by the bravest, bringing depth and additional coziness to their homes.

The uniqueness and main feature of black furniture is that it always looks advantageous in rooms and harmonizes with any interior. It easily combines with different color schemes and can serve as a striking accent. For example, in your bedroom, black furniture will provide peace, relaxation, coziness, and a calming effect on your psyche. In the living room, black-toned furniture is very practical, provided it doesn't create an overload of color. Black furniture brings incredible chic to the kitchen, making it look expensive and solid. Just remember to use black as large accents, softened by light or neutral shades in the interior. In the bathroom, black furniture should be used very carefully, as these spaces are usually small, and black loves spaciousness, looking harmonious only in large areas.

Children's Furniture in Black Shades

The only room where black furniture is not preferred is the children's room. We agree with this, due to the unique lifestyle of children. Kids are naturally active and emotional, unlike adults who prefer coziness and relaxation at home. Black is always about calm, tranquility, and relaxation. This is why black furniture isn't typically suitable for children's rooms, not because of stereotypical associations with gloom and mourning.

However, even though black isn't ideal for children's rooms, it doesn't mean children's furniture can't be black! Our Learning Towers in the unique black shades of the Little Greene palette are proof of this. They are in high demand among our customers, and we know why! Simply put, our legendary Torre Transformabile in black has acquired a special sophistication and completely breaks the traditional view of children's furniture. Yoko Tower towers have become true designer masterpieces, attracting attention and adding luxury to your home.

Let's agree, the helper tower is not strictly for the children's room but for main rooms in the house, like the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and hallway. These are the places where children feel a bit of discomfort because they can't fully use adult furniture and amenities. Children's furniture in pastel, bright, white, or natural shades doesn't always seamlessly fit into the already established rooms. In such cases, black is a winning choice, especially when complemented with small decorative elements in matching tones, mirrors, large spaces, light walls, or contrasting floors. In almost any style and with different color solutions, black furniture always looks solid, luxurious, and significant!


Don't be afraid to experiment and think outside the box in everything: in your judgments, personal growth, child-rearing, and home decor! Break away from templates, discard stereotypes, and be creative. If you are ready for this, then you are definitely in sync with us, as Yoko Tower always offers original solutions for children's rooms!

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