Assembly of furniture

Buying new furniture is always a pleasant thrill because you transform your home to make it more comfortable and cozy.

But any wooden cabinet, low-profile cabinet or modular furniture is always delivered disassembled. That means it will have to be assembled. But don't get discouraged ahead of time. You can do it yourself! Find an assistant, study the instructions carefully, prepare all the necessary tools, and boldly get to work. You will succeed! And we'll give you some useful tips on assembling furniture.

Assembling furniture is like a children's construction game, only the details are huge and the tools are real. Almost all children's wooden furniture is realistic enough to assemble independently. And for most dads, this won't even be a challenge. But if you feel this is a difficult challenge for you, it's best to use the services of professionals. This way you will save time and nerves!

YokoTower furniture is made only by hand and is delivered disassembled. All necessary parts, screws, keys and instructions are included. Our designs are quite easy to assemble. Some designs are so simple that even a teenager can assemble them. So by following the instructions and knowing some useful tips, you can easily tackle this furniture puzzle!

Careful, careful and calm: these are the main rules you should follow when assembling furniture. It will be difficult to do it by yourself, so you will have to get support from relatives or friends, because outside help is definitely not superfluous. Prepare all the necessary tools you may need during the process. Although the kit includes the necessary wrenches for the furniture, you can use your own screwdrivers, hex wrenches, or even an electric screwdriver (if not prohibited by the manufacturer), to make assembly easier and faster. Be sure to keep in mind that the process can take a long time, so do it on your day off and start early so as not to disturb the neighbors in the evening. Obviously, they will not be thrilled with manipulations with a drill or screwdriver at late hours.

So, you have everything ready, which means you can start working.

We want to give you some tips, the implementation of which will be the key to quick and trouble-free assembly:

1. Carefully unpack the box so as not to damage the components.

Check the list of all parts and fasteners. Do a thorough inventory, find out if there is no damage in transit. If something was not in the kit or a part broke during transport. You will need to make a replacement first and then proceed with assembly.

2. Study the instructions carefully!

This condition is mandatory even for those assembling furniture not for the first time. Any project has a clear step-by-step assembly and each part or fastener has its place, which is marked on the diagram. To avoid problems, strictly follow the instructions, doing everything in the order indicated. And don't confuse the top and bottom of the furniture, otherwise in the last step you may have to disassemble everything and start all over again.

3. Take breaks.

Assembling furniture is quite a challenging process. You could very well make mistakes if you get tired or lose patience. Don't rush, take a break and keep working with renewed vigor. If suddenly something does not fit, reread the instructions carefully to understand the problem spot.

4. Use proven tricks to make your work easier.

For example, put all fasteners in a separate container so they don't get lost. To make it easier to tighten screws and bolts on wood surfaces, you can pour a little dish detergent or liquid soap. Do not fully tighten the fasteners until the item is completely assembled, this way you will have less time to unscrew it if it is necessary to disassemble the part. When you are finished, check carefully to see if you have any unused parts. If there are, you may have done something wrong.

YokoTower places great importance on safety, sustainability, craftsmanship, and comfort. It is very important to us that our customers perceive this in every detail. We care about protecting our image, so we make sure you never receive a defective or unusable product. We make sure that you receive everything you need in the kit and that you have no problem assembling it.

YokoTower is a high-quality original children's furniture that will fill your home with a cozy atmosphere, making it unique and authentic! You can trust us!

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